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Went to Rocky fork this afternoon (i knew it was windy).

Went down to the campgrounds to check conditions. Muddy and high Looks like the lake is up a foot or more. The water down by the campground was real muddy, almost yellow in the brite sun.

Went to the north shore marina and put the boat in. The water in the cove there looked good.

The wife was along for the boat ride so we went out in the main lake headed for the campground end.

Pretty rough 1-2 foot swells and a lot of white cap. That combined with a big boats wake made it pretty wild out there. Lots of fun but hard on te boat.

Came back in was going to fish back to the ramp shut the motor down to idle tried to manuever a little and every time I put the boat in gear the motor died.:confused:

I was getting mad then I saw the problem my bow line wasn't on the deck any more (It was in the prop):eek:

Then on the way home my back compartment lid blew up I slowed down to stop and it closed itself right on the ends of two of my new rods.:mad:

The wife just smiled
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