Just got back from gun show

Discussion in 'The Lodge' started by squid_1, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. Went to Bill Goodmans this weekend in Dayton. I haven't been in in 2 years and its always a good way to kill a crappy weather day. Several observations... There didn't seem to be as many gun dealers as years past and where did all the Sks's go? Found one dealer that had 5 and they were marked down to $190 and they were clearly refurb..serial numbers were crooked, sanding marks on the butt plate and the fore end screw was flush with the stock made mine look pretty mint. One trip around the floor and all 5 were gone. So I think I will hold onto mine for awhile longer. Saw some nice
    M1's $1300-1500 seemed to be the going rate. One gun that that has peaked my interest was the Russian made 22lr Toz 78. It appeared to be a trainer the stock was blonde, but it was a bolt action with free floated barrel priced at $159 NIB. After reasearching it on the net when I got home found that Winchester bought the rights and its the Winchester Wildcat in the US. From what I read its a real tack driver of a gun. Does anyone have one? I will probally go for the Russian version Toz 78-04. I know the CZ is only $80 more but hey its for the kids and the arsenal has quite a history.
  2. Don't know anything about the Russian gun, But I love my CZ. You can't wrong with it.