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    Just got back from Dale Hollow Sunday. It was really hot the first few days. We had to fish really early in the day or in the evening. The fishing was best in the morninig on top water bite. When I early I mean we got up every morning at 4:00am Tennessee time.:D Some people think we're nuts. It was worth it for the topwater bite we got into. One morning we got like 23 or so bass alone before breakfast. We also caught some huge bluegill. They cover your your hand. They range in size from 8-11 inches and bite well on wax worms.:F Ok, now back to the bass report. I have good news and bad news. The good news is that i caught the biggest bass of my life. it was like 21 inches, extremely fat, and around 5 pounds plus. You could easily stick a large size adult hand down its mouth. It was huge.:B I'm just kind of guesing on the weight. The bad news is that the camera wouldn't work. I got lucky. I ran into a friend from school who I sat by all year in math class. We then went into there cove, woke them up, and borrowed their camera. The picture is comming in the mail. Man did I get lucky. That fish Made my week. The top water bite was aswome. We also hooked into a lot of other large fish. the weather was great. It only rained a lot in the morning on Wednesday. It was good the rest of the week. One morning it was so foggy we couldn't see proboly 40 feet in front of us. It was cool. It's really fun top water fishing in the fog. Can't wait till my next trip. Any people from OGF going down there, stop in at eastport and tell the people at the dock The Casting Kid sent you. They'll no who you're talking about. While your there try a gut baum burger. Their the best on the lake.
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    Good report. It sounds like you had a great time. I'm looking forward to seeing the picture! That was really lucky that you saw the person you knew.