Just finished Building a 604 USAF M16 Clone

Discussion in 'Guns and Ammo' started by Orlando, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. Orlando

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    Just finished my first Retro build, a 604 USAF no forward assist clone (1969-71) . Just got the reciever from Nodak yesterday,install went pretty good except everything fit tight so it took alittle longer. Still have to get rid of the black charging handle but other than that everything is period correct
    Off to the range tomorrow
  2. I just reserved a DPMS lower reciever that a local shop has on the way, not many parts around the Columbus area, also ordered some 30rd mags the other morning they might arrive today, Im considering another mag order in the next few days not sure yet.

  3. Orlando

    Orlando Set The Hook!

    I know its to late now but there was alot of recivers at the Westland show. A buddy of mine bought a Stag for $109.00
  4. Wow man, your pics totally make me jealous. Nice rifle!
  5. I should have went to the show but totally forgot about it, might have had to dodge a bullet or two but it would hae given me a chance to see what was out there, any idea when the next one is???
  6. Orlando

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  7. ezbite

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    dont get it wet, it might jam.lol.:p just kidding.

    sweet looking rifle. let us know how she shoots.
  8. sharp rebuild, looks like you did a good job on it. how does it shoot?

    there is a small gunshow at the fairfield co fairgrounds in lancaster, open til 5 today and 9-3 tomorrow, i was not too impressed with it, round 100 tables i think they claim.

    also i believe the next big central ohio show is at vets memorial end of november
  9. Thanks guys for the info on the shows.
  10. Orlando

    Orlando Set The Hook!

    Went to the range Sunday and was very impressed with the way she shoots. I actually like it better than my Rock River. Can bust clay birds at 100yds prone position all day long. Plenty accurate for me
  11. I just ordered a DPMS heavy barreled upper today from Midway to go with the lower that I have on the way, I wouldnt mind getting a A3 sometime in 09 I guess it just depends on how things go.