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  1. I was just curious how many members are of the Catch & Release Program? I fish for the fight not the food.
  2. I do both. Sometime I release everything but sometimes I keep everything. I love fish and we have a few fish frys every year. I'll usually try to stock up on saugeye through the winter and then white bass and crappie in the spring and usually c&r the rest of the summer.

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    I always catch and release. The only time that I didn't catch and release was when fishing for Walleye or Saugeye. That is when I had a boat. Now I fish mainly for largemouth and smallmouth, so I always release :)
  4. i catch and release i love to fish and i hate to eat them but give me beef any day.
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    There has to be a hundred threads on this subject.
    Chickendave- do a search and you'll find an answer.
  6. I mostly fish central ohio for LM and SM and whatever else I happen to catch. All are released. The only fish I keep are the walleyes from Erie I catch the 2-3 times a year I get out with my Father on his boat up there.
  7. Looks like a troll but I'll go along since it's in the lounge. I practice selective harvest. This is the same "program" promoted by the good folks at In-Fisherman.
  8. Thanks for such a quick response (from most of you). And to others sorry to waste your time, oh ya you could always not respond!! I have just been seeing alot of waders holding onto what I feel (and again this is how I feel, not to be confused w/ how you may feel.) are under sized fish. So excuuuuussssse me for posting something that has already been on the OGF Blog
  9. NICE!!!!!!!!!
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    They are under-sized if they are breaking the size limit laws on whatever species they are keeping. Other than that, if the state says it's legal there isn't much one can do about it. I eat walleye and perch and release most everything else.
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    but i'm more into the c&c method.
    catch & cornmeal!
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    thats gonna be your 2nd post, cant wait to read your 3rd.:confused:
  13. C&R here. I don't like the taste of fish.
  14. I know the guy in waders your talking about chickendick1, He wears a blue jacket and has trouble releasing fish and/or taking showers, found usually on the maumee in spring. lol
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    Tried to do a search on C&R and this is the result I got: :D

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 262144 bytes) in /home/ohiogame/public_html/community/search.php on line 1011

    Amazing, a member almost for a year and didn't know this was a big SORE subject...! :confused:
  16. I was told I was A BAD BAD BOY. So looks like I'm on my own. I have to go now it's time for my nap.
  17. I always release my fish.......somtimes into the water, other times into a cooler. If you don't release them how can you catch another?? :p :D

    It all depends on where I'm fishing and dozen other factors of the day. You sure can get some odd looks releasing a walleye on a slow bite day! Even gets you comments by the ODNR fish checkers at the dock.

    It it's leagal fish it's only your buisness what you do. If you are witnessing obviously undersized keeping or gross over bagging turn em in. Otherwise lower your nose and worry about yourself.
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    Most I catch and release others I catch, eat then release ;) .
  19. Like most, I C&R all bass, Keep panfish eyes, and Pike (medium size up north, there aren't enough in the rivers) if the bite is on and I will have enough for a meal or two.

    Note to self: Purchase RED coat for Swanny for Christmas...and a Miracle Bar...and some Lever 2000...and some Just for Men hair coloring...and put in PO request to his boss for new "alternate" paint job for his work truck...

    I'll release bass, carp, and sheephead. Everything else gets filleted.