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just bought new ocean kayak

Discussion in 'Canoes & Kayaks' started by angler69, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. just got my ocean kayak big game. looked for yaks for almost a year, iam 6'1" and 275 so i needed a stable yak. after lots of searching and talking to yakers i got the big game and LOVE it. this thing is so stable a guy like me can stand in it. so glad i got it. only gripe is the $

    now i need info on floating local creeks, the where how what baits are best. (deercreek, darby etc, )

    anyone got good info on how to rig a yak, please post

    good fishin
  2. He has an Ocean Kayak and he did a good job with mods. I have an e-mail from Sevenx that goes over floating rivers, I'll try to find it and post it for you. I am sure there are some differences, because he wrote it for my fly fishing pontoon, but it will get you started.

    Have fun and be safe out there.


  3. If you go to they have a list of a bunch of "how-to" guides to modifying your kayak. Everything from rod holders and anchor systems to fishfinders and aerator setups. Its a good resource for sure.

  4. My advice is take your time. Once you start drilling holes they are hard to erase. When I got my kayak last year I probably paddled it 3 or 4 times before I even tried to fish just to get the feel of it. I then mounted a 3 tube rod holder on a milk crate which I tied in the tank well. Then I fished a few times to decide where everything else should go. You have to compromise between placing things where you can reach them and whether they are in the way.

    My boat came with 4 surface mount rod holders but they are pretty much useless. They put the reels too close to the water and since I have long arms I can hit the rods while paddling. I use them for bottom fishing but use the rod holder on the crate while paddling.

    I'm trying to decide on what material to use to make a 'dashboard' area on the center console. This way I can add/remove items without adding unnecessary holes in the kayak. This area will have temporary mounts for a depthfinder, gps, and a rod holder. The depthfinder and gps will not be used all the time so I want them to be removable.

    I've added paddle holders on both sides of the boat and an anchor trolley on one side. I have the parts for the anchor trolley on the other side but haven't installed it yet.

    Long term plans also include some sort of bait tank system which is adaptable for minnows, shrimp, and small bait fish.