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    am i they only one that finds this %#@* up?.....a year ago my wife decided to go back to school she was tired of her factory job...in the proses we have found that she qualifies for no finical aid what so ever:S ....she has talk to others in her class that tell he about theirs...basicly if you are not a single mother, a ex-con,an orphan,household income of less than $22000 for a family of 4,black, an exchange student, a foreign immigrant, or handicap in some way you get NO HELP AT ALL....there are girls in my wifes classes that get a free ride and quite a bit of money a month for living expenses just because they are single mothers....and another guy that brags that hes getting a free ride because he is out on parole for burglary...WTF?...my wife is going to COTC for radiographic Imaging (x-rays) by the time she gets her degree well owe around $17K-$20K in student loans...just don't understand how people that do things the RIGHT way in life get no break but if you wander down the wrong road at some point you get all the hand outs...even the immigrants get money from our government:confused: ...
  2. Be happy it is only 17-20K. I am paying that plus for 1 year at OSU for my daughter. Going on the 4th year and then 3 years of Dentistry school. OUCH!

  3. Doesnt seem right does it...a friend of mine FWD me something the other day a E-Mail thats been going around that says if I have to submit to a random drug test at work to make money and pay my taxes(which Im happy to do) then why dont the people who get all the GOVT assistance have to submit to a random test as well??
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    financial aid = student loans. those students still have to pay it back.
  5. My sister just became a nurse. She is a married mother of 2 and she didn't get anything. God forbid that she actually do things the right way! What makes it worse is her husband is a police officer who protects and serves the community in which she went to school! Now that to me is crap! I know a lot of people who think that being a single mother and going to school and having it paid for is great. I personally think my sister should be the one who got the help! But you know what, she is a State Tested LPN and we are very proud of her!!!
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    Yes that does stink but that is the way it is. What to do?
    Pretend you are a CEO and game the system for your benefit. Spend $500 and divorce your wife. During the 4 years that she is now "single", she will qualify for a free ride.
    The day after graduation or the day she accepts her new job show up at the church and get "remarried".
    Problem solved and you're not saddled with $20,000 debt.
  7. I understand 2TallTim's frustration completely and others obviously do as well. However, let's keep in mind that the rules of this forum prohibit political debating. This one is really heading down that road and if it continues we as moderators will be forced to kill the thread, which we really don't like to do. So if anyone has any help to offer Tim without getting political or racial feel free to do so.

  8. i wont even comment it makes me so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    There are various grants available to you and your Wife although they are not always easy to find. They generally do not provide a free ride but are there to help ease the burden a little. Her school counselor should be able to help point her in the right direction. I know when I took engineering classes at OSU I filled out the FAFSA forms and some of the grants were automatically there, the rest you had to find on your own. And also FAFSA is not a free ride, they are student loans. Grants of the type I'm talking about are typically money left behind in a will that are to be used to assist someone in getting an education. For instance; There was a grant from a couple in my hometown that provided $500 per yr to anyone that had served in the USMC, graduated from my high school and went to OSU. These types of grants are available until the money is gone but are not easy to find.

    Do some digging, there's some assistance available.
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    I can relate...

    Some things to make it less painful...if you have the loan check, put it into an online savings account that is liquid (allows you to take the money out for when tuition is due) At least it's something before you have to start paying that cash back!

    Other options...
    1) Find a part time job that will allow for tuition reimbursement (internship at hospital?)
    2) Look into fellowships
    3) Check online search engines for scholarships in Ohio

    4) Quit your full-time job, work part-time, go to fishing "class" everyday and now you make less than $22K. I don't see the downside:D Who has house payments, cars etc?
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    It does suck. Financial aid does not mean loans. It can be anything from student loans to grants. If you fall into the category of what 2TallTim is listing then you would get more grant money which you do not have to pay back. Most kids right out of high school with welll to do parents will only receive around $1000 a year in grants. The rest the parents have to pay for out of their pockets, get a parent loan, or the kids have to get their own student loans.

    The problem with the system is that most of the people who do get the free ride does not take advantage of the situation and better themselves. Alot of people use it as free way of living for a while. I went to school with kids that had pretty much every thing paid for and they hardly ever attended classes. They would party all night and then sleep all day. That was their routine.
  12. Lewzer - you're a GENIUS!!!!!

    That would work like a charm! Would they consider any "assets" in determining whether or not she would qualify???

    Just curious.........

    Good idea!!
  13. Tim, I hear your pain bro. The system needs a few tweeks.

    You need to have your wife get a job at the Hospital. They/most will PAY FOR EVERYTHING "IF" she comentes to work for them when she grads and she gets passing grades. They usely ask for a 2 to 3 year commentment.
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    thanks for all the support and info on this subject believe it or not we have tried everything...we have worked with the school with her old high school looked on line checked with most hospitals in the area everything seems to be tapped out or we don't qualify....most of the hospital programs already have a good size waiting list and or they hire from within so if your not (IN) already your stuck and as far as being an assistant she has to have here first year done first then apply even then there is not grantee...dont take me the wrong way we are not wanting a free ride but a little help would be nice $20K for a 2 year program and if she wants to continue and do sonography (MRI's)that will be another 2 years and another $20k we will make do but its going to take the fist couple years out of school to pay all this off I'm not going to stretch it out 15-20 years like some do
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    what goes around comes around. Doing things the right way always pays off in the end.
  16. Do not take "NO" for an answer. Keep hounding them and you are right. Its who you know.
  17. Take it from someone who's been there and done that. "Those people" very seldom complete anything. They'll be pregnant, beat up, and/or back in jail long before they have enough credits built up.

    There are grants available for every concievable group. You just have to find 'em. Start with your school's webpage. Then go from there. Just don't fall for the scam of paying some shyster to hook you up. Colleges and government offices will provide the info for free. Good luck...
  18. i just found out i got hight blood suger, hight blood persure aand riped my by-cep. i,m the only one working in a faimly of 4(my wife had to quit here job to raise 2 grand kids) i make 12.85 an hour. ive paid thous. of buck into medacair. can,t aford insurance. the state told me to quite my job, go on disabillity and they would give me 100%coveerage. no thanks, i,ll trust in the lord and find for myself.
  19. Hey 2tall, When I was in Culinary school I found alot of help at this site http://www.fastweb.com/ I was able to land a few scholarships. It required a little work essay's and such but I would have my friends help me. But ya there's a ton to look at.
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    Maybe you should take what the state is offering, these programs really were set up to help people.

    I never feel bad about paying taxes to help people that truly need it.