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  1. I have been a member for 1 year.
    My complements to all members for vast amount of information available. This is a great forum for anyone wishing to learn new methods, or to see what is going on around Ohio.
  2. I agree before I found this website I only fished ponds and small lakes for largemouth. Now I am hooked on smallies in the river and about to buy a kayak.

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    I agree....kayaking the rivers for smallies is the greatest! I'm glad you're getting a yak!
  4. I cant wait! just trying to save up a little extra money. I think im gonna go with a tarpon 120 angler and I cant find any for cheap so I have to wait just a little bit and I have no patience when it comes to a new toy.
  5. I'll apologize in advance for not being able to think this thru, but it eludes me... Where do you put a kayak in, or where can you put in on the GMR & LMR around Cincy? Then getting back? I guess you stage vehicles or arrange for a ride?

    Don't even have a kayak but it interests me! My luck tells me I would be trespassing on someone's property when putting in..
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    mjchiodi.....there is a member on here (friend of mine) who has one that has only been used 2 times......it is just like mine (WS Tarpon 120 Olive Green) that I know he wants to get rid of. PM me if you are interested.