July 4 CC Fishing

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    I wasn't so lucky as those catching the muskie at CC on the 4th but I spent a good part of the day there. We fished in the south pool from about 7AM until around 2PM. The water temp was 75 and visibility 3-4 ft. We experienced intermittent rain, some light, some moderate. There were a few other fishermen but after a brief time in the morning, no ski boat traffic. There were times when it felt like we had the lake to ourselves.

    We started fishing at the mouth of the large cove west of the island and worked our way north along the west bank. We caught 4 bass, all on plastic worms (Brown and black mixed color) texas rigged casting into downed trees. We tried many types of lures including spinners and crank baits, but only the worms would work. Our largest fish was 1.5-2 lbs.

    We also experienced a close encounter with what we believed to be a large musky in the shallows at the north west counter of the area near 73. It created a large disturbance of the water surface about 30 feet from the boat and then again about 15 feet from the boat. It did not break the surface but the area disturbed was very large, oddly shaped and caused the water to swirl at both ends of the disturbance. Or maybe it was just Nessie coming to visit from Scotland.

    Overall, it was a great day to be on the water. I enjoy fishing in the rain and having the lake nearly to ourselves on the 4th of July was hard to believe.
  2. Good post Z.
    I wish the rest of the weekend had been the same, but no way the boats would stay away on a holiday weekend.
    That said, we managed to get out in the morning & evening on Saturday. Similar results as you had, including location & what we were throwing.
    Did pick up a few nice saugeye in the north pool throwing cranks.
    Rain is definitely a new friend of mine when fishing CC this year...I'd rather be wet than wait 30 minutes at the ramp and bob up & down in wake all day!