July 11th Tusc. River Gamefish Tournament

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    The T.c.b.a Will Be Hosting A Gamefish Tournament On The Tusc. River On July 11th. We Will Meet At The New Towne Mall In New Philadelphia Next To The Hollywood Video Store. 8:eek:o Am Registration. Entry Fee Is $7 Plus A $7 Fee For The Points If You Havent Paid It Already. We Will Fish From 8:30 Am To 12:30 Pm. The Tournament Is Open To The Public. I Highly Reccommend That You Call Me For Info At 740-922-3540 If You Are New To Our Tournaments. Come And Fish With Us And Make Some Friends!!!
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    I am interested, but why don't yoiu put all the info on here and we all can see what is going on. Not everyone has the time to call. Also some don't want to call long distance. You might draw a bigger crowd if you put all the info on here. Look at Cripple Creek cat tourney posts. All the info you want! :eek: