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  1. I am going to pick up a boat over the winter.(figure best deal time) But my experience with small boats is slim to none. I want something CHEAP for one but i want it to be comfortable and able to safely hold 2 1/2 people. 2 adults one child. But potentially hold 3 adults. I tend to fish small ponds/lakes and rivers.

    I was leaning towards a 12 or 14 foot flat bottom Jon boat. I would prefer something I could launch at hard to get to locations but I don't see that happening with what i want the boat to do.

    I live in Newark area so Licking river/ Dillon Lake/ Buckeye Lake/ and Alum Creek are my main targets.

    Here is my main concern I am big. I am not uncoordinated big just big in general I weigh between 285-310 depending on summer or winter lol. I am also 6'1" I figure with gear as well as entire family there will be 550 ish lbs in the boat. I think that will influence my buying decision as well. I want my wife and son to feel safe and secure in boat not like its a balancing act to stay afloat.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    i doubt you'll find any 12 footer to realy meet your needs.14 would be the should be able to find a 1448 jon or mod-v jon with a sufficient weight capacity.and the width means more stability.any 12 footers i know of would be no more than 36 inch bottom width.not real stable.especially considering your "super size";)
    but i speak from experience pushing 250 at 5'10".but i'm not as coordinated as you might be,LOL.
    amount of built in floation makes a difference also.with weight,you need to consider motor and fuel along with passengers and gear.
    tha size would serve you and still be small enough for the licking,though you may still have to drag it in some spots depending on where you won't be a real lightweight,but manageable for two people.
    i don't know your definition of "cheap",but you're looking at $1000 or more new for bare boat,but you can find some decent used ones for lots less.

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    i would say 14-16 and as wide as possible

    i have a 16 and i took two other adults with me last sunday on the river and it did great!
  4. So how much would a motor and fuel weigh. I would guess no personal experience but a small outboard and a fuel tank would probally be in the 150 lb range and a trolling motor probally not much more then 35-40 lbs including the battery.

    I like the idea behind a 14 foot flat bottom jon boat. I just picked up a nice Jeep Cherokee so I should be able to tow it decently with this.

    If anyone local has anything comparable to look at I would be inclined to come check them out just to get a idea of size and what they look like

    Misfit we can have a coordination contest both stand up at opposite ends of a Canoe and see who falls down first....... Might be fun and might be a bad idea lol.
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    motor and fuel would be under 150 can double your figure for trolling motor and battery.
    believe me,you don't want me trying acrobatics in a boat, wouldn't end well:eek:;)