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  1. I am considering putting some money into this 12' sea nymph - live well, storage compartments, raised seats...but there are a few issues. I'm wondering if the issues are major or if I shouldn't worry about them.

    A support brace in the bottom back of the boat has a tear in the aluminum. My original gas tank was metal, and the weight from the fuel bent in and put a tear in this brace. I also had an "accident" the 2nd time I ever unloaded my boat in the water. Bent out the back end 3 or 4" and put a nasty crease in the aluminum when I push it back in place.

    I'm mostly worried about the damage to the brace. Its still solid, but bent in a little on the side wear the tear is. The tear is about 3". I've never noticed any leakage, but worry in time this might be a problem. The back end feels very solid and I have run a 7.5hp motor on it after the damage. Never noticed any bending or swinging on the back end, but again it just looks nasty and I'd like to know my best & cheapest options for ensure it does become a problem.

    What do you think? Is it worth putting some time and money into it and what should I do to help reinforce the back end (or should I even be worried about it...)? I'm sort of handy when I take my time, but would appreciate responses in layman's terms.

  2. ive seen worse. i wouldnt worry about it unless you notice some flexing or leaking.

  3. like the previous reply said, dont look too bad, seen worse. I would drill a stop hole in the cracked brace though.
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    Good advice here! I've had to do it recently and it works. Just drill a small hole at the end of the crack and it'll stopp cracking right there!
  5. Thanks for the advise. I'll definitely put a stop hole in that tear.

    Would you suggest I do anything to the back end for reinforcement? I thought about taking it to a welder and having him put a bead around the back inside seem, but my seams are revited which I think that means the aluminum is too thin to weld...I also thought about buying some of that steal puddy to line the inside seam. Am I wasting my money?

    Also, I wanted to create more leg room. Would I compromise the stability if I took out a bench? My boat has four benches, with the one closest to the bow being the smallest. I'd take out the center 1 of the 3 larger benches.

    Thanks again for the help!

  6. I probably would not take out one of the seats, some boats use them as part of their structural strength, unless you know for a fact that it is just a seat I wouldnt mess with it. The putty probably would not help much as it really does not add much strength, you could maybe rivit a new piece of aluminum over top of the area but I dont think welding would help it due to the thinness of the material.