Jointed or non-Jointed?

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  1. Guys-
    What's your thoughts on trolling & casting plugs.. Jointed or single piece?

    It seems like more people use single piece plugs (me included).

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    I'm more of a "jointed" guy when it comes to trolling, but certainly prepaired with both during certain times. Sometimes I found that the slower action of the straight baits are more effective, but more often than not, the jointeds seem to out-produce. I like the smaller straights for casting too. I also think jointed plugs give off way more vibration under the water. Just my .02

  3. Well most of my biggest fish have been caught on jointed baits...
    49" West Branch Jointed Legend Perchbait
    48" St Clair Wiley Jointed
    47" Chemong Wiley King Jointed
    46" Saltfork Wiley King Jointed
    45" Chemong Wiley King Jointed
    44" St Clair Wiley Jointed

    (The fish in the pic to the left was the 47" )
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    90% of my cranks are straight and 8"s or less. I may need invest in some jointed Wileys and/or Stalkers.
  5. My first and worst experience at Lake St. Clair yielded some surprising results. I took some guys fom my roofing company on a musky charter for the opener(2005) up there. We went with Steve (SLEEP) Jones. We got up there late friday night and crashed in anticipation of the next morning. We showed up at the "Professional Fishing Center" at 7am and boarded the "PREDATOR" at 730am. As we set sail and I paid for the charter in cash, S.J. informed me that one of his water pumps was blown and we were not able to fish where he normally does on the opener. Instead we limped north to the mouth of the Clinton River. There were 6 guys on board and we had 12 rods out. We caught 4 fish in the first 45 minutes out! This seems like a great day right-WRONG.
    Steve Jones proceeded to activate the auto pilot on his 31' Tiara and then he went to SLEEP!! He never cleared the lines! NOT ONCE!!!! After catching 4 fish quickly, we thought we were in for many more. At the end of our 7hr charter, the lines had to come in. Every lure was caked in weeds!! We may have had the potential to have a record setting day but our captain did not do his job!!:mad: After talking to many others that fish this lake, it became very clear to me that when trolling mutiple lines there, it is necessary to clear them almost in non-stop cycle. Fishing there on my own in my own boat proved it was necessary to clear 4 rods non-stop!!
    OH YEAH, MY POINT!!!!!:) All four fish came on straight baits(WILEYS). We had out: 6 straight wileys 6", 4 jointed wileys, 6", and 2 small straight bucktails. The one thing I did get out of S.J. was that on St. Clair, He runs more straight baits early and late in the year and says they work better during those periods. Jointed lures dominate his spread throughout the warmer summer months. I'm not sure if this is relavent anywhere else so take what you want from this.

    On a final note: DO NOT HIRE STEVE JONES! I paid more for his charter than several small boats I've owned in the past. He wouldn't even let us use his bathroom, we had to urinate in a modified milk jug! You could easily do it yourself for a fraction of the cost if your boat is big enough to handle the "BIG" water. You also need some stout tackle to handle strikes at 5+ mph!
    Sorry for the rambling! -Gabe
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    It depends on the lake
    At West Branch straight works best for me. In the last 10 years I thing I have only caught 3 fish on jointed lures.
    At Salt Fork and Clear Fork jointed seems to work best for me
    At Chautauqua and Chemong its about 50/50
  7. I always read that a jointed bait was a cold water bait because you can troll them so slow but it seems the warmer the water the more action they want. Maybe its just the speed?
  8. I've heard it's a speed thing, too. The jointed bait has different (better?) action @ lower speed, compared to the same bait w/o the hinge.
  9. I've ran jointed Wileys up to 6 mph in Canada and caught fish... then again I ran the staight ones at that speed too
  10. I like straight for casting and jointed for trolling.
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    A great example of why you should be prepared with various types of baits. This also applies to your tackle and techniques.