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  1. Quick question that I hope someone can help me out with.

    Are the controls for an 1988 Johnson (88 HP) and a 1995 Johnson (88 HP) the same?

    Also, will the bolt holes match up?
  2. without a manual . I:D look at both plug ends ,see if there a match, theres a even/john dealer around the cuygh falls ,area that could tell you but I don;t have a name etc , somebody on here will know.

  3. BridgesBoats in Cuy Falls 330.929.2311 used to be a Johnson dealer but not sure he is still. He's been around forever....might be able to help you. Mostly he just has a small service business now...he's helped me.

    Pretty sure the marina at Berlin...Dutch a Johnson dealer.

    Good luck.
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    And the cables should be the same but the electrical harness is most likely different. They change over the years- look at the connector in the harness and see if the colors match. There will be an adaptor harness available for most applications but they are expensive.