Johnson 9.9

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  1. Im having some issues with my 85 johnson outboard. It takes awhile to start sometimes, not that it doesn't start it just stalls out after a few seconds. I have to mess with the throttle a bit to get it to not stall. And even after running it for a bit it still gives me problems starting.

    On top of that it seems to lose power almost stall while running if I give it too much gas. Its hard to get it into full throttle I have to literally push the throttle up then down then back up and hope it doesn't stall out. At low speeds it runs ok. But like I said when i give it gas it starts to die. Any ideas?

    Ive changed the fuel pump thinking it was that, changed the bulb and put new spark plugs in. I ran seafoam in it as well to clean it up some.

  2. sounds like a carb issue, you should be able to get a rebuild kit fairly cheap. thats where i would start anyway.

  3. I think its the fuel pump. Either that or I have 2 bad bulbs or the gastank has a hole in the line. I started it up today and it gave me trouble until I re-primed the bulb, it was squishy and once I primed it I had no issues pushing the throttle up.

    I just replaced the pump thats what I don't understand.:confused:
  4. you did check that the arrow on the bulb is pointing toward the motor ??


    and have you checked all the fuel fitting ends to make sure they are tight and secure? and bountyhunter has a good question too
  6. Pumping fuel with the bulb gets hard as soon as the float reservoir (or whatever your motor has before the carburetor) is full. If not, something is wrong.
  7. Yeah the arrow is pointing towards the engine. Ill recheck all the lines and make sure they extremely tight. If one was lose inside the engine I would smell gas right?

    I prime the bulb before I start it up and its pretty hard. Just after a few minutes of running it gets soft. If I don't re-prime it I have issues with the throttle and even at a constant speed I can hear the engine lose power then gain power.

    I guess im trying to stay away from having to rebuild the carb, even though its looking like the inevitable.

    Not very mechanically inclined. :(
  8. NO you can have a leak without smelling gas , the air vent on the tank is open? runs good as long as the bulb is hard? bulb go;s soft is a sign of some thing leaking air back into the system . bad bulb? leaking fitings? bad fuel pump? I do not feel you have a carb problem . simple things ,there almost all ways the major cause of the problems.
  9. Well the fuel pump is no more then 3 weeks old. That was my first impression when all this started happening. So I changed that.

    Second was the bulb was bad, so I got a new one.

    3rd for the hell of it I ran seafoam through the engine thinking that may help it run smoother.

    None of these worked. I will tinker around with it today when I take the boat out. Maybe ill buy another bulb. I heard they can go bad fairly easy and sometimes you get a bad one.

    Whats the easiest way to check lines? Ive squeezed them and they all seem about the same. I do notice a faint gas smell near the fuel pump when I prime the bulb.