johnson 9.9 problems

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  1. My boat has a 9.9 johnson motor and here lately when i get going it almost stalls. it doesn't do it first thing in the morning but after it warms up it just won't run!!!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!!! Almost forgot, it is a 1996 two stroke.
  2. Had this happen to a guy at camp.. It could be the power pack, a coil, or
    hopefully not, a stater ($275). He changed the stater, did not fix, swapped out the coils, did not fix. Changes power packs and fixed it. I have no idea why he didn't try that first. Is the power pack original?

  3. yes,it is the original one but i have never had a problem with it starting it just does not run very good sometimes
  4. Ranger,

    Does the fuel primer bulb maintain pressure when the engine starts to run rough? Any air leaking into the fuel line will cause the engine to run rough or stall.

  5. i never thought of that thanks
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    is the fuel tank vent open?:p