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Johnny Cash

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by twistertail, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. I know I'm late on this but when you were are talking about him a while back when he died I had not really listened to him much at all but finally got one of his cds over the weekend. Wish I had been listening to him for a long time. Did he write all his own songs? You just dont hear lyrics like his anymore. The cd I got is a greatest hits has Ring of Fire, One Piece at a Time, Folsom Prison Blues I forget what else but they are all pretty good songs.
  2. traphunter

    traphunter Guest

    Johhny Cash was one awsome singer. I think hes one of them singers that is liked by everone no matter what type/kind of music you usually listen to.

  3. I know what you mean, I'm not really into the old time twang county but his stuff is different. Almost like he is telling you a story rather than singing a song.
  4. he was a great story teller....
    im 35 now and i would sneek my dads lps..yes i said lps.... :eek:
    when i was a kid...i loved johnny cash. when he died i was floored.
    how can the man in black wife said get over it....she dont like
    he had a weekly tv thing. my dad and i would watch it all the time... :D
    when my buddies and i go up to the maumee johnny always finds his way im my cd player... :D
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    one of the greats,and one of a kind:cool:
    i think his story telling style is what's appealing to so many.
    in the 60's and 70's i had all his stuff on 8 track and loved cruisin' and listenin' to him.he wrote a lot of songs for himself and others.a friend of mine owns a bar(my favorite),and is a big fan.i think half the music on the box is johnny,and that's usually what's playing everytime i walk in :cool:
    gotta get some of his last stuff,cause i think it was some of his best.
  6. Dixie Chicken

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    All his stuff is great and timeless. For a real (or should I spell it reel) treat check out his last four CD's. His last won a grammy for HURT a Trent Resnor song. Trent is from Ohio and the singer in Nine Inch Nails. Great video as well. With Johnny's touch it's like he wrote it himself
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    Thanks to my Dad, I grew up listening to Johnny Cash. Those were the days, The man in black on black vinyl. He'll always be one of the best.
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    twistertail ..... Johnny Cash is my all time favorite. DID YOU KNOW..... he has recorded 1500 songs over 50 years? VERY FEW artists have recorded so many or been around so long .......DID YOU KNOW that him and Elvis got their start together , Elvis went the "pretty boy " way, and John Cash went the "rebel" way? Anyway, I have 8 cd's with about 25 songs on each. My wife likes it, my children like it, everybody has their favorite songs. I have read Johns auto-biography, talk about a tough life...Born dirt poor , His brother (age 12) died before his eyes in a sawmill incident, his life was full of music since birth, He was kicked out of the Grand Old Opry in Nashville for throwing a drunken fit, He was doped up and at rock bottom (near death) when his wife June Carter Cash, stepped in and married him. She also brought GOD back into his life. After Nashville had disowned him, and nobody in the music industry would have anything to do with him, he went on to make #1 songs and albums without them... SO he was in fact one of the most suscessful rebels of all time .. Also at my website I have uploaded some CASH wavs that are all under 500 kb , I listen to them whenever im browsing the forums. You are welcome to listen to.(link below) You dont have to sign up or log in or anything, just listen, i think there are about 50 or so Johnny Cash songs in there... I have heard 1000 Cash songs, and I always find a new one I like. If you just took a likin to CASH you will be finding good songs until you yourself are old and gray. Here is the gallery thats full of CASH songs (3 pages)
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    PS my all time favorite song is here >
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  11. Wow, thanks JV. I remeber you talking a lot about him before so I'm glad you saw this tread. I think so far my favorite is Sunday Morning also but I like a boy named Sue and Ira Hayes too, and One Piece at a Time come think of it that one is probably my favorite so far. I'll have to check out his auto-biography I bet there are some great stories. It would have been pretty neat to sit around and listen to him tell some stories. It was funny, my wife and I were at Target and she wanted the new Kenny Chesney cd so I looked for a Johnny Cash while I was there and didnt know what to get so just got a greatest hits album. Well she was laughing and calling me an old hillbilly and saying I cant believe your buying that old stuff, but when I put it in she was singing just about all the songs! HA Who's the hillbilly me or her:D, said she remembered hearing those songs with her dad when she was a kid. I was singing Ring of Fire to my 2 month old all weekend so maybe in 25 years she will be saying the same thing my wife is now
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    That was great of you to upload all of that, cannot get enough of the man in black!! Does the place you got all of that from have a copy of the
    "Highway Men" with Waylon, Willie and Kris?
  13. thanks JV. I think my fav is "I've been everywhere"
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    Twister, I bought Johhnys book (printed in the early 80's) off ebay for $1.50 TITLE = Man in black ... BUDDY.... I will look for the song for you ... check back later