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  1. Not that I'm a Browns fan, but I know he's a big fisherman. Has anyone ever seen him on the water up here in NE Ohio?
  2. Bassnpro1

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    I heard the Joe Thomas from Cincinnati is a pretty good fisherman...

    sorry when I saw the name in the Lounge that was the first one I thought of

  3. Reel Man

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    I had heard that Joe Thomas was out on one of the great lakes with his family fishing on draft day. I guess you could say he loves to fish! I think he is supposed to be at the IX Center but I'm not sure what day.
  4. hearttxp

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    If you want to meet Joe in person he will be at the Cleveland Sportsman show. He will be at the Lake Erie Charter Boat Association Booth. Not sure of the days ? Check your local Newspapers I would think.
  5. ShakeDown

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    I think Carl and Dixie may have fished with him?
  6. Fishman

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    Ya he's from Cincinnati and a pretty well known fisherman around these parts.
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    Fishman, He's talking about Thomas from the Browns not the Bass Pro. :)
  8. H2O Mellon

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    I had heard that too.
  9. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    lol oh :D:D
  10. he has one of his boats docked at a marina in catawba...
  11. Dixie Chicken

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    Carl did some fishing with him and/or filmed him. But not Dixe, I got stuck fishing with Joe Bag of Dounuts...
  12. Two Hip

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    I seen him out perch fishing just N.W. of the crib last fall with Big Daddy and a film crew. He was on the Gain Team boat about 100 yards away from me.I believe it was in September.

    Man That dude made that boat look very small.
  13. K gonefishin

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    Rick Lacourse and Juls fished with him on Juls Gain wrapped 621, Freebryd, Juls and Rick also fished with him on a Rampage I believe that they took out from South Shore Marine.
  14. [​IMG]

    Here's Joe!

    Real nice guy and we all had a ball catching perch. Well, I was actually working... research for a future story on perch fishing... :D

    I'm sure there will be a big line to get his autograph.
  15. Joe and LECBA have teamed up to raise money for the LECBA Youth Fishing week where Lake Erie charter capt's take kids fishing free or at a big discount... Gets kids introduced to Lake Erie fishing. I think they have a poster they're selling. If anyone has more info, please post it.
  16. ParmaBass

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    Just saw a commercial. Saturday from mabey 2-3:30 he will be there. I know the day is Saturday, but just caught a glimpse of the times, I'm watching the non-Tivo TV or I'd rewind it :(
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    According to the internet site, he'll be there several days:

    JOE THOMAS – 2007 First Draft pick of the Cleveland Browns
    will be appearing:

    Friday, March 14
    7pm-8pm at the Lake Erie Charter boat Association booth (# 853)

    Saturday, March 15
    1pm-2pm at the Lake Erie Charter boat Association booth (# 853)

    Saturday, March 15
    2pm-3pm at the Hooked on Fishing Not On Drugs booth (# 851)

    Sunday, March 16
    1pm-2pm at the Lake Erie Charter boat Association booth (# 853)
  18. Juls

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    Joe's from WISCO, of course he can fish! What a silly question. ;) heheh

    We're just waiting for the ramps to open so we can get him out on the water again. He and Rick were hoping that there would be good ice this year, so Joe could try our legendary Lake Erie Ice Fishing...that wasn't meant to be though...Momma Nature is a little skitzoid this year. :(

    Hopefully, he will play in Cleveland for many years to come, so he should get a chance to in the future.

    Joe's a class act and a fun guy to have in the boat....just a really nice young man.

    He's a REAL role model for any child growing up. He's got his head on straight, and his hat still fits, if you catch my drift.

    Come on Spring! I want to go fishing!

  19. I hate the Browns but you have to respect a guy who's trolling for lakers on draft day!
  20. I know that after I shot him fishing with Juls and Rick, I interviewed him. It was not as Joe Thomas, LT for the Browns, but as Joe Thomas, a guy who loves to fish, hunt, and enjoy the outdoors.

    It was great. :)