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  1. Okay I'm as big of a Browns fan as anyone is, but I have a big problem with the way the pro bowlers are picked, there's no way that Joe is the best Left Tackle in the AFC, watching Monday nights game and watching him time after time getting owned was proof of that. There has to be something done about the way players are picked. Look at Brett Favre being selected but yet Phillip Rivers wasn't nor was Matt Ryan
  2. yeah i had a lot of disagreements about who got picked for the pro bowl, but hey what can ya do? who picks the roster, the AP? or coaches?

  3. I know fans can vote as many times as they want
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    i was kinda shocked he got selected because they were saying on the pregame show monday that hes having a bad year compaired to last year. brett favre makes me sick.....:mad:
  5. Thought part of the voting was done by the fans, the other by the players & coaches. The probowl has been more about popularity and name recognition than it has about who's actually the best at a given position for years.

  6. Seriously, who actually watches the Pro Bowl. I haven't watched it since I was like 7. It's a boring game and yes, people who are deserving are always left off the roster due to the popularity of other players.
  7. Personally I never pay attention to who gets the Pro Bowl much for the reason that Blance stated. It really is a popularity contest. Baseball's is as well but at least you get to see them play the game in it regular form and you have most of the top guys there. In the Pro Bowl they simply go through the motions.
  8. I agree with bkr, these all-star games in the 4 major sports are a joke, baseball to me is the only all-star event where any sort defense is actually played. With the era of free agency it seems there is less contact in the pro bowl, dont think many guys are going to risk their career or someone elses on a meaningless game. As for the NBA and NHL, dont even bother selecting a defensive player to either squad. Pity the goalies in the NHL, winner or loser, they probably feel like theyve been lined up in front of a firing squad 100 times in 60 minutes.
  9. yeah for sure. I watch baseball's and thats about it. Like perchman said hockey's all star game is all offense. The NBA's is pretty much a dunk contest turned into a game with a few good defensive moves, thats about it
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    Joe Thomas had a very subpar year. He was a beast last year only allowing one sack all season. I guess he's spending too much time with Darcy fishing and its catching up to him. At least he got his priorities straight and realized fishing is priority #1.

    How does J Cribbs not be named a starter for special teams? Best special teamer in the NFL. He has to lead in tackles!!! The pro bowl is a joke anyways like you guys said who watches that crap.
  11. The problem is that these players don't even like going anymore. Furthermore, is any team really upset if their player gives some bogus injury as an excuse and misses the game? It's meaningless, and even the slightest risk of injury is enough reason for a team to be happy their players skip it.

    P.S. - Joe Thomas didn't play as well this year as last, but he was still one of the best left tackles in football with the exception of the Monday nighter against the Eagles. You didn't see our QBs get blind-sided very often. They had plenty of time on most plays to find an opposing player to throw to.