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  1. Recently got a black jitter bug for some night fishing. Im curious to how you all set them up. It seemed to reel in fine for the most part. Casting was a nightmare tho. I couldn't get it out as far as i would like. How do you guys rig your jitterbugs? Do you put sinkers on em?
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    Did you buy a really tiny one or something? The three sizes that I have cast like rocks! Two I can throw on baitcasting equipment (One is large, One is jointed... Giant Jitts as its known in my boat). The other one I throw with my medium spinning set up, which is a 6'6" MH rod, 2500 series reel, 10lb line.

    I would advise against the sinkers. They will probably kill the action.

    If you're throwing spinning gear, is your spool filled up enough?

  3. The spool was just filled not to long ago 10lb line on a spinning set.

    I don't know the lure itself is hollow. Doesn't carry much weight to it so. I guess im getting out what I want from it. Used to tossing jigs and regular spinners with trailers.
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    The only other thing I can think of is that maybe the rod you're throwing it with is too stiff. With something real light like a small Jitterbug I would most likely thow it on my light rod, or POSSIBLY my medium rod. If your rod is too stiff then you will not get that 'whipping' action on the through swing that creates a higher velocity for the lure. This is the exact same principle as with golf clubs. A nice, steady, but firm cast will get more distance for you.
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    definitely don't add weight since the jitterbug is a topwater. Only other advice I can give would be try 8 lb test, possibly 6.
  6. You might have the1/4oz or 3/8 oz model..They are too small for me. The whole purpose is too create some noise and at night, I've had 6" rockbass kill the 5/8 or 3/4 bugs... If you got the small one you may be able to put a very small float or bobber 18-24 inches ahead of it to add some weight. Black has been my best color.......
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    if you throwing the smaller/lighter one,spinning gear/soft tip rod should do the job,as mentioned.by design,they're light and not very aerodynamic,which makes it harder to get distance or cast with baitcasting gear.
    also as mentioned,adding weight is out of the question for a topwater.
    that said,the jitterbug,especially black,has been on top of my favorite list,and the demise of many a bass for 50 years:)
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    work it slow and use a bigger bug. stop n go w/ twitches in the longer stops. topwater is the way to go. i never use them much in the daylight hours though. better bait for low light conditions.I.M.O.
  9. I'll second freyedknot.