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Jigs for saugeyes?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Timmypage16, May 21, 2007.

  1. All of you guys talk about catching saugeye on jigs. I was just wondering how do you fish the jig. Do you guys jig it off the bottm, real it strauight in, or just drag it across the bottom. I just have no luck for saugeyes except for one day this spring at hoover spillway. Alright thanks alot guys.
  2. acklac7

    acklac7 S.S.


    Lately I've been doing all 3, in one retrieve! :D. Somedays just slowly reeling them straight in works(letting them slowly drop from time to time, then reel again). Other days bouncing them is the ticket. Very rarely will I simply drag a jig across the bottom. Keeping your line tight at all times will also help you hook more fish, Saugeye have a bad habit of hitting (SMASHING) jigs on the "drop". Next time you stop reeling/jigging make sure you keep the line tight as the jig is dropping! This is typically achieved by either slowly moving the rod backwards (as if getting into posistion to swing a bat) or by slowly reeling in the slack while bringing the rod tip down. Once you get familiar with keeping the line tight you can move on to other "advanced" jigging tactics. My favorite involves manipulating the rod in such a way that the jig suspends (nearly) motionless after you drop it into a hole...This tatic takes a lot of work to master, but once you do it's "fish on" ;)

    Also, if you really want to get into jigging I would strongly suggest you purchase a high end rod...Something like a 6'6 ML St.Croix Premier for starters (about $90). IMO Cheap rods will work for non-finnesse presentations like crankbaits/spinnerbaits, but they just don't have the sensitivity needed to productively present a jig. Invest the $100 in a quality rod (and some 8lb power pro), you'll be amazed at the differance ;)

  3. I am in agreement with all just mentioned all can work seperately or combined I do not agree on having to spend $100.00 or more for good jigging rod Get a 6 foot medium light spinning rod $50.00 or less. Feel is as good as any high dollar rod i have had or tried. If you get good at the jiging technique and want to pay more for a rod go for it but starting out,much cheaper and still have all the feel of higher end rods.:)
  4. Hey thanks alot guys for the advice. I really want to learn how to catch saugeye and just never have any luck. SO with this info i know i atleast got something to get started with in the right direction. Thank a bunch again.
  5. Be sure to include Vibee's in the tackle box !/4 ounce seem to be the best for me personaly. You can fish a Vibee in a yo yo fashion, steady retrieve at different depths, just remember that it is very prone to snags.
  6. Usually I try to reel them in as slowly as possible, in my limited experience jig fishing for them it seems as though they hit close to the bank(maybe its just me) I dont know if that jig slightly changeing directions(as it comes up close to the bank) triggers the strike or what it is, I also pretty much just drag it along the bottom.
  7. You dont have spend a ton of money on a rod. I use two 6' rods both are medium light action. One is an old American made Ugly Stick the other is a Berkley Lightining rod that is less than 40 bucks at Wally World. The best spinning rod have ever owned was an Abu Garcia Pro X series that cost me 25 bucks but they are a discontinued model. I do agree with the first part of acklac7s post thats basically the same retrieve that I use.