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    The fish are biting at AEP!
    We stayed at Woodgrove campground last weekend with three bass fishing rigs and two canoes.
    We caught and released lots & lots of bass, but not that many were big. (But we all know they're in there.) We kept enough for one big fish fry for the young men at camp. There were two 4-pounders caught last weekend. But they were not caught by our gang. Our biggest fish weighed in at 3.5-pounds.
    They hit on: JignPig/jointed Rapala/rattletrap/rubberworm & lizard/shallow running cranks/mid-range cranks. But nobody got a hit on spinners.
    The younger men had a blast. And so did I...

    Check out the pics... These kids had a blast!

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    BBANKS John Deere Puller

    Nice pics! That is where our group stays and it is a blast. Great to here you guys done well. We be there May 1.