Jigging for eyes at pymatuning

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  1. I anchored my boat on my favorite spot on the south side of the lake today and caught and released 37 walleye. Largest was 21 inches and the rest were in the 16 - 19 inch range. I always practice catch and release to preserve the fish population. I fished from 8:00 a.m. till around 1:00 in the afternoon.
  2. All fish were caught using a quarter ounce chartruese jig head tipped with a minnow. I probably had another 20 or so that I lost on the way to the boat.

  3. I nominate you for the walleye angler of the year,I am 20 min`s from pymy when can I go out with you and have you show me how to catch those numbers.:D
  4. I'm heading out there next week for a long weekend with the family. I have a couple weedbeds that ALWAYS produce this time of year. Hopefully the bite will stay HOT! Thanks for the update.
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    DAM!!! Who said Pymy was dead.
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    I couldn't have said it better! WOW! You probably caught more fish in one day than a lot of guys caught all year up there. Maybe she's coming back.
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    I was thinking a couple of years!!! I might have to keep my 9.9 now.
  8. well if thats true congrats like others have said she might be comming back to her old self i caught 5 up in the northend the other day on raps good luck all
  9. Well I have always done well at Pymatuning for walleye in spring. I anchor my boat, I don`t drift like 99% of other anglers on the lake. The south end always produced well for me. If you practice catch and release only PM me and I will put you on fish. I will not give the info out to what I call meat fisherman. You can`t expect a lake to reproduce when you have everyone and their brother hoping their walleye stretches to 15 inches so they can put it in the cooler. If you want to catch walleye to eat go to lake erie. Help preserve this beautiful inland lake.
  10. Hey bulafisherman I would be glad to meet you out on the lake. My next trip will probably be 5-21 or 5-22. I rent a boat at the boat livery on the causeway. Lets stay in touch, if you practice catch and release I will show you in person how its done and exactly where. But again only catch and release fishing. Thank you.
  11. my pops took me to Pymatuning when I was younger. Trying to convince my gf in taking a trip in June. Any advice on summer walleye fishing is greatly appreciated!!!! Good to hear theres still some eyes in there
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    bula, let us know how it goes.
  13. If this is on the level...wow! The way everyone's been talking I didn't think there were any numbers of 16"-19" walleye left in that lake. Alwaysfishin, very noble of you with the C&R and all...keep it up. I wish the solution for pymy's woes was as simple as creel limits but unfortunately its not. Ask any wildlife officer or fisheries biologist from OH or PA.

    I'll be camping at pymatuning the week of July 4th. Can't wait. I can already smell those fillets sizzling over the fire.

    Benny, search the archives for "pymy" or "pymatuning" in the may/june/july timeframe. I remember some good walleye threads.
  14. not sure if alwaysfishing is the real deal,sent him 2 pm`s about going out this week, the last pm had my cell number,nothing....not a big deal but would have been nice to at least get a pm saying, hey sorry its a no go..or something...;)
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    Ten years ago, six guys on a pontoon boat in the right place at the right time catching 37 walleye.

    Now that I'd believe.

    Pymy used to be my favorite lake for walleye. I hope things turn around there, then we can all go fishing and come back with REAL stories to tell.