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  1. Could anyone tell me a good jig size for float fishing ?
  2. In this area, the most common sizes that are used are 1/32 and 1/64th. What you use should be dictated by the conditions, water clarity, flow, etc.

  3. thanks for the reply
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    I usually throw 1/32 ounce in most conditions, sometimes use a smaller 1/64 as elkhtr said. Black is my favorite color, with any other accents.
  5. Check the jigs out from this site. They are quality jigs. You can check them out in person at Rocky River Tackle, W. 215/Lorain Ave. I would call first though, he has limited hours, 6A -2P most days.

  6. I use sz 1/64 & 1/80 in black or white in hair & in marabo. I've gone as lite as 1/100th in clear water.RAT FINKEES from custom jigs & spin work good too. use different colors with them . :G
  7. Hey ryan, stop spamming!

    Anyway, to stay on topic I use a 1/32 or 1/64 depending on clarity!