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Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by MuskieJim, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. MuskieJim

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    Gentleman, we are getting everything organized for the jig swap. So far, here are the guys who sent me a PM wanting to participate. I will update this list as needed if anyone else wants to participate. Just shoot me a PM.

    MuskieJim (of course!)
    peple of the perch

    Like I said, I participated in a jig swap last year and got some really cool jigs. Also, was wondering if everyone wanted to meet up for the swap rather than mail. It would be a good chance to BS with everyone. Let me know!
  2. Where would we meet up at?

  3. zachtrouter

    zachtrouter FISHAHOLIC

    willoughby brewing company
  4. corndawg

    corndawg Go Bulldogs!!!

    A weeknight night might be tough. The brewery or at one of the rivers would be good on a weekend.
  5. BigDaddy300

    BigDaddy300 multi species angler

    Parmabass told me that he tied up some cool jigs today. Maybe he would be interested in swapping some.:)
  6. I don't think those jigs Parmabass tied up would work unless he's fishing in Lakewood.
  7. I'm going to be tying a lot after christmas so if it takes that long for this thing to get together then im in Jim.
  8. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    My jigs will work! You guys will be begging me for some!
  9. MuskieJim

    MuskieJim Trophy Tamer

    How would the weekend of January 3rd and 4th work for everyone? We could all meet up, or if not, we could have the 3rd be the deadline for the jigs to be sent to be. This will give everyone some time considering the holidays. Let me know what you guys think...

    If it's fishable at the time, we could all meet at a stocked river (wouldnt want to be showing anyone some new spots :) ) and fish for a few hours. $5 dollar entry winner take all tourney. Only for jig swap participants though. Hahaha.
  10. I like the idea of meeting on a river for the swap and then having a fishing derby. It would be nice to meet all you fellow OGF'ers and then take your money! :p The weekend of Jan 3rd, 4th may not work for me though since I think my aunt and uncle will likely be having their late Christmas/New Year party then. They usually have it on a Saturday, so I could still possibly fish that Sunday. After that weekend, I'm finally done with all the holiday stuff.

  11. Biggest fish, or total numbers?

    At least I might get lucky against all the pros and maybe catch a big one.
  12. I would be interested in meeting up. But I know how these planned meetings go. You're lucky if you get half the people to show up. We could always send a few dollars with are jigs to cover postage for Jim.
  13. I'm good with that idea too. Saturdays are usually bad for me anyway. If I can swing it I will be there.
  14. I'm interested in the jig swap. I don't know if they would be swap worthy though. most of mine are plain and simple colors.
  15. liquidsoap

    liquidsoap Pay-it-foward fisherman

    Count me in as well.
    I will mail them to whoever is running it, give me a quantity and an address and I will ship em your way.

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    I am game for whatever. Just tell me how many jigs I need to tie.