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    tomb Tom B.

    I just picked up this flashlight from Maple Height Hardware for $19.00


    Should do a great job on charging glow jigs. Those little pocket LED keychain chargers are worthless. You should see what my jig box looks like when I hit it with the blacklight in the dark. Very cool. Every jig is lit up, even the non glows. Is this how fluorescent paints appear to fish?
  2. Questions. Questions. Can Luminescent jig paint glow so bright it scares fish off? Or is brighter better? All I know now is that those pocket LED's dont work so good for me either.....Maybe I need to go brighter too.

  3. i think sometimes it can be too bright depending on the type of fish and water clarity. With crappie the brighter the better. especially red glow is really good for them. with eyes alot of people like a very dull glow only.

    some of this is from my experience and some is from what ive read. I know I haven't done good on brightly glowing lures for eyes after dark. If they worked really well you would see more people using glowing jerkbaits and trolling baits for walleye and you just dont see it.

    However the biggest saugeye I caught in the last two years through the ice hit a red glow fatboy with a waxworm 2 hours after dark. Not a freshly charged jig but still glowing. But I think he would have hit anything since he was suspended 2 ft off the bottom looking for a meal.