Jig and trailer combos???

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  1. With so many manufacturers having multiple offerings there's obviously no shortage of options. What are you guys favorites?
  2. Bassnpro1

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    I like Chompers football heads matched a split tail grub for a trailer. I also like terminator finesse jigs matched with a small powerbait trailer. These are the two types of jigs I use almost exclusively. The football heads are for deeper water.

  3. Erterbass

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    You're right - lots of choices. Here are mine:

    Kinda pricey (there are two in a package so they are about $4.75 each), but the Evolution jig from Megastrike has become my favorite with a Yum Chunk trailer. I get them from LandBigFish in Akron. Best on rocky bottom areas.

    My next choice for weeds and brush is the Jig X from Vertical Lures. The line tie is in the back of the jig head so the knot is protected and doesn't get hung up. The Yum Chunk is still the trailer I use with this jig. You can get this jig in a football-style if you want.

    My 2 cents...

  4. Erterbass-

    Are you getting the Vertical Lures Jigs around here anywhere?? I've been working on an order but prefer instant gratification!

    I'm just getting into the football heads but I really like the products that Jewel Bait Co. put on the shelves...the twin tail grub trailer seems to be the most popular.

    As far as flippin' jigs...you can't go wrong with the chunks from YUM. I've also been adding the new Strike King Rage Tail Craws/Chunks to the arsenal.

    I'm sure that someone will mention Uncle Josh Pork as well...
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    B&C Black and Blue w/ half craw trailer.... It's all about the bear hair!
  6. I have been using the Omega football jig.1/2 ounce in green pumkin with half a craw trailer.Wish they made it in 1/4 ounce but the football head is made for deep water.(so they say)Thats my favorite but their is so many I have a hardly use.
  7. i use lots of different jigs depending on what i want, usually somthing light without a rattle, sometimes i use the football jigs if i want to really get fishes attention, probably 4-5brands, i like to mess around with the differences. i usually however, use only two trailers, small beavers for finessin and paca craws, those things rock
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    No - LandBigFish unfortunately doesn't carry them and I don't know why...:confused: They do carry the Jewel jigs and the Strike King Rage baits though. I'm going to their spring show and put in my plug for the JigX and TubeX baits.

  9. I'll be there too...I'll be sure to plug Vertical Lures as well!