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    Hey I'm looking to hit the bass pretty hard this spring and have heard some great things about jig n pigs. Wondering if any Ohio natives have any tips on what kind/color and how to fish?
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    Most people would vote for either black/blue or watermelon green. I have had excellent luck with both of them.

  3. What types of jigs and what sizes do you use? I have never really been a jig fan, but I want to use them more and try to get some bigger fish.
  4. Black/Blue for stained water. Pumpkin or watermelon for clear water. With matching trailers. I use mostly 1/2 oz. jigs on a 7' or 7'6" heavy rod with 65lb. braid. Briad, with it's low stretch, really helps you feel whats down there.

    How I fish jigs is I'll pitch it into wood cover and let the jig hit bottom. Then I'll slowly hop it up and down through all the limbs. Does it get hung up? Once in a while. It usually comes through with no problem.

    Also when a bass hits your jig, at times it's very subtle. You'll either feel weight on the end of your line or you'll see your line move. Keep an eye on your line! Sometimes it's a tick, tick like a bluegill is pecking at your jig.
  5. Thanks, is there a certain brand that you use or think is better than others? I see you are from Akron area, do you fish Portage?
  6. I don't use any particular brand. I just buy flipping jig heads and skirt materials and make my own, saves me some money.

    I fish Nimisila just because it's 15 mins down the road. I would really like to try Turkeyfoot, maybe this year.

    KSU, have you checked out Land Big Fish yet?
  7. Don't forget a lipless crankbait if you wanna catch ya some toads this spring. A crawdad color or at least one that has orange or red on the belly. A couple jerkbaits are a neccessity too.
  8. haha yes I have and that is a dangerous place for a poor college student. I go in there and always spend WAY to much money. I am actually going home tonight and my dad plans on going there tomorrow with me. That place has everything you could ever need. Do you fish those Strike King jigs, the smaller ones?
  9. I make just about all the jigs that I use and use 2 types the most. The bullet head is great around wood and grass while the arky style is good around any kind of rock. The sizes I use most are 3/8 and 1/2oz when I am flippin and 1/8 and 1/4oz when casting. The black/blue is a good one to start with but as they say sometimes you need to match the hatch and that is where the browns and greens come in handy. As far as trailers go, I use nothing but pork in the early spring when the water is the coldest, but as it warms in the later spring I switch to plastic as the bass become more active. Just try to match whatever color trailer you have to your jig. One more thing, once spring is over,dont put the jig away. Every trip on the water, I have at least 1 rod with a jig on it. They just seem to catch the bigger fish. The only jigs I buy are the Strike King Bitsy Flippin Bugs. They can come in handy when the bite gets tough. Good Luck !!
  10. Thanks for the advice. I bought several of the Strike King Bitsy Jigs last year but never really got into throwing them much. Hopefully this year I will work with them more. I really cant wait for spring lol
  11. That makes 2 of us. LOL I can almost feel a big-un on the end of my flippin stick now.
  12. Tim, what lakes do you fish the most?
  13. if its not really thickcover in the spring i use quarter oz. jigs for flippin. i use 60lb. braid on one rod and 17lb. mono on another.
  14. With the high price of gas last year I stayed pretty close to home. I fish Salt Fork, Seneca and Wolf Run the most. I also have a couple of private lakes and the local city resevoir to go to. I will be making a bunch of jigs this winter as soon as I get some more weed guards. Send me a PM and I will try to get you some of them for the spring fishing.--- Tim :)
  15. Hey thanks, I appreciate it. I used to fish Salt Fork alot, but again due to gas we quit making the long trips down south. Seneca is awesome too. Which parts of Salt Fork do you do the best in? We always put in at the Cabins
  16. The cabin area can be good in the spring if the water is up. It depends on the time of year and the water level as to where I fish. I changed my avatar so you could see the best one I have ever got at Salt Fork. It went 5lb.6oz. and was taken on one of my jigs out of a friends boat in October a couple of years ago. I fish more for Saugeyes and Crappies at Salt Fork now-a-days than for Bass. They have so much pressure on them there it is not funny.
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    The jig and pig is oldie but goodie. I only started using it this year and it has become my go to way for catching bass when nothing else works. When I go fishing, I always have two rods rigged with jigs...each with a different color.

    The hardest thing to do if you have never spent time with it is to be patient. Let the bait work for you...do not over work it. This will be your biggest challenge if all you have done is power fish like crankbaits and spinnerbaits.

    If you have never pitched or flipped a jig into cover this will be your next challenge but a little practice will solve it.
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    Jig and Pig is by far one of my favorite techniques for catching picky bass. I have much better luck on them in the early season. Gets to be a pain when the moss really starts to take off. Number 1 thing for using these...FISH SLOW!!! I like finding heavy cover such as brush, and rocks. Blue and black bitsey jigs (bleeding series) are my favorite. Green, blue and crawdad pork trailers are all that I use.

    Chatter baits are also fun in the early season. Might want to think of giving those a try too.