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jidderbugging for crappie

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bulafisherman, Aug 22, 2004.

  1. has anyone ever heard of jidderbuging for crappie? sat evening a friend and I went out on our local lake of Roaming Shores for some evening bass fishing, we picked up a few close to deep water points, biggest being 15 inches, then hit a shallow water flat that was about 3 and a half feet deep just as the sun set and started casting jidderbugs, I lost count of how many my buddy caught on his black bug, his biggest was about 17 inches, I was using a yellow bug and caught 2 nice crappie, the bite lasted about half an hour and that was it, I didn`t know crappie hit jidderbugs! I guess fishing can be a learning experence :D
  2. I catch big bluegills out of my pond on jitterbugs and once on a big buzzbait. I think about any fish will hit a topwater. Back in 1980 I caught a 22lb carp at Salt Fork on a rapala. Is roaming shores public?

  3. no Roaming Shores is not public, you have to be a resident In order to fish here, the bass fishing is excellent and the crappie fishing is even better! I can`t wait till this fall when the crappie really turn on,my son caught a 14 1/2 inch crappie last fall and I know of 15 inch plus coming out of the lake. here
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    My cousin just bought a place at Roaming Rock, I went out there on Saturday and cruised around a little in his 'toon boat. Nice lake but seems like it is always murky, turbid. Probably from all the farm runoff? I pitched around a little bit with an ultralite and small crank bait. Caught small bass just about everywhere I went. I'm going to try to get my cousin out on the ice there this winter.