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  1. I have read many posts of the frustration of getting buzzed by Jet Ski's. I have more of a problem with the BASS BOATS myself. Sunday morning at Mosquito I couldn't count how many idiots came within 50 yards of us after dodgeing thier way through the other boats at about 50mph. I just don't understand why someone needs to open all 200hp up 3 seconds after startup with no respect for the people around them. These guys need to learn what the words "respect" and "sportsmanship" mean. They are quick to call out others "sportsmanship" and "respect" for the lake crying not to keep the Bass (I don't eat them anyway). I wish these yuppie's and thier $20,000 boats had thier own Country Club (I mean lake). Does anyone agree with me? or may I better get out of thier way and shut my mouth because they are here for a "Bass Tournament"...
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    This'll probably start a firestorm but I tend to agree with you.

  3. A bass boat on plane makes very little wake. At 50 yards away it will have no affect on your fishing or put you in any danger. I'm not defending all bass fishermen, some of them are jerks. But as long as they are no affecting you, what is the difference. They have these boats to get quickly from spot to spot and are within their rights to use them. When we are moving across the lake, it is a little inconvenient to weave between other boats, but you don't hear me complaining about guys out drifting. We all have to share the lake and there isn't much point in complaining about something that, in reality, has no really impact on you.
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    I agree with you Big J, 100%.
  5. To add to my last post, i am not defending all bass fishermen. Believe me, i get awful aggravated by guys who show no respect for fellow anglers. I just ask people not to group all bass tournament fisherman together. I do take some offense at this thread because it tends to paint us all in the same color. I have the same respect for anyone who is out fishing for anything, and i'd say that goes for 90% of the bass boats out there. But there are 10% that are either jerks or get caught up in things, and fail to see that others are out trying to enjoy their day on the water. For them i apologize. Just don't group us all together, we are all just fishing.
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    i tend to agree with ed.i've seen bad behavior from all groups.bass,walleye,weekend warrior,novice,etc.
    disrespect and ignorance has no boundries.50 yards isn't all that close in my opinion,though it can seem so at times.i've had guys blast by me with their "9.9's" at full bore,within 30 feet,right over my lines.some of those small boats can throw a lot more wake at 10-20 mph than a bass boat.i've also had bass boats(not in a tourney) running their electric right over my lines and snagging them while circling me at less than 30 feet.walleye tourney guys trolling right over my lines at that distance,and coming back again,een after i told them about it.had rookies running circles around me(over my lines) in jon boats.others pulling in and parking on my trolling line when they see me catching as ed says,don't lump all of one group into one package,cause there's plenty of others out there who share those traits.
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    I would agree with misfit. 50 yards is not that close, heck at Delaware Lake it is hard to get 50 yards away from another boat because the lake isn't very wide.
    There are idiots out there and there always will be, but to lump all bass boats into one catergory isn't accurate at all. There are a lot of them (most of the them) that respect the water and respect the others around them.
  8. Yes, it's not just bass boats. I can't count the times I've seen people in smaller boats with 9.9's or 25hp's,etc making huge wakes. I was at Berlin a couple weeks ago and I saw bass boats, crappie boats, pleasure boats, etc all disobeying the law's and pretending they didn't know the area's were no wake since the buoy's weren't out yet. I agree with Ed, bass boats on plane don't make much of a wake at all. Maybe Bigj was talking about people taking off right beside him.
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    I tend to agree with misfit, I have had all that he said happen to me. I have quit
    fishing lakes because of the traffic/nor respect of lots of the fishermen and regular boaters. I see most of the problems are to large of boats in certain lakes and not following the no wake rules. many times I have had to respool because of people running over lines with gas and electric motors. I was taught that if you are at anchor that you are a navigation hazard and to give you 100 yards of leeway and slow to no wake, but I guess until you have to get a licence to pilot a boat and we get more law enforcement on the heaver traveled lakes I will just fish els were free from the hassles.

    Well thanks for letting me vent, I take lots of hits being a newbie to post but have been reading posts for years and this is one that sticks me.
  10. Is it that they do not think or is it that they don't 'know' any better? If you could cast and hit them or maybe throw a rock, they are too close to be passing you on plane. Mosquito is huge, there is no reason anybody should fly by at close range, tournament or not.

    Same thing goes for boats coming to close to skiers..
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    i might ad that all the above experiences(and more,LOL)were on hoover reservoir,which has a 10 hp limit:rolleyes:
    so it's not restricted to the big hp lakes at all.luckily,hoover receives relatively light pressure,and doesn't allow for jetskis,though they get busted every year for trying to launch they are more of a pain to me than the others,when i fish other lakes.and i think most will agree the numbers of "inconsiderates" are higher than for boaters.percentage wise.many of them seem to revel in harrassing fishermen and others.
  12. You Darn Yuppie bass boaters! Yee Haw!!! Why you guys, darn, have no RESPECT! Take your 200 horses and and and- shoot! I forgot what I was sayin!
    I mean- I am fishing in an Open Speed Zone-- you guys should be in neutral- and let the wind drift your 100k bass boats right by my poor crappy rig! Younce have no sportsmanship! I mean, you think because your a yuppie- and in some tourny you can just fly by me.... you idiots keep cryin about no bass and guys like me keepin these green fish... ya'll are terrible people and and and shoot- just leave me alone man-!

    What a classic post! Yuppie bass boats!! LOL you made my day with your ignorance.
  13. Now now, smallie75, don't youn be gettin funny on this topic... this is serious. I mean serious busidnesss man. I know I can just tell you got a big 100k bassboat and youd be a rules breaker. I got my eye out for you ole boy. :p
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    I want to know what a 100K bass boat looks like, heck I want to drive one, I thought the walleye boats got pricey..Dang.....

    How bout the 500K rigs on lake erie blowing right through a pack of walleye boats trolling, saw a few 30-40 footer ripping through off Kelley's yesterday throwing 4 ft wakes about tossed me out of my boat.
  15. Had to chime in on this after what I saw yesterday. I was driving across the Mosquito Lake causeway and saw a guy in a speedboat tearing through a group of about 20 boats that were drifting the stumps on the SW end. To top it off he had one of those things on his motor that sends a fountain of water up in the air behind your boat. What a jerk! I could just feel the pain of those fisherman.
  16. K gonefishin

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    FYI- he didn't have anything on his motor it's just the way his motor is set on his transom coupled with the propeller that will throw water up into the air, it's called a rooster tail, most bass boats with 3 blade props will throw a big rooster tail. IMO it's wasted energy, a prop should throw water at the waters surface for maximum propultion.
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    I posted on several threads before this past weekend about the beginning of the X-series on skeeter lake. I said it was an 80 boat locked field. That it would be fun and educational to follow a few of these semi pros. Now lets all complain because there are 200 boats in a bass tourny with 600 or 800 people on boats following Pros like KVD. Not to mention all the TV cameras and helicopters. Does it matter if its for $5,000 or $250K. Are you going to complain about all the boats on your lake. I wish I was good enough to fish the X-series. I scraped and saved the 2 grand for my bass boat. Its 30 years old and still that 115hp puts me right on plain out of the hole with little or no wake. It just comes down to the point that no matter how hard you work and save for something. And no matter that the fishing he is doing is work to him with a payday. The work he loves more than anything else he ever did. All that doesn't mean squat because he came out of the hole hard.
    Once again I wish I was good enough with the sponsors and the thousands of dollars worth of gear to fish for $5000 and a chance to win a new $50K bass boat.
    Go ahead call names and think whatever you want. Someday someone will hear your complaint and pass it on to someone with the pen that rights the laws and all our rights to enjoy bass fishing tournaments will be gone.
    Thanks a lot
    Just my 2 cents worth and my opinion.
    Sorry if I upset anyone.
    don m
  18. ...Got to put my two cents in like it or not...Have had everything you guys are talking about happen to me...I have only a 16 foot bass tracker and love to fish....learn to tolerate ... all this comes with guys want to get even with these bass boats...start eating the bass you catch...they eat very well....haven't eaten a bass in 20 years but think I will start...When I catch a Bass I always throw it back...Maybe next time...I am not defending one or the other...We can learn to all live or should I say fish togather....
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  19. To get back at Bass fishermen you should start to eat the bass!:confused: This site brings out the creme of the crop! I am just baffled at the last post. Dude- eat all the bass, that will sure slow those boats down...... Do you realize what you wrote?

    If you didn't like it this past weekend- you sure won't be liking it this weekend and everyone after that.....

    Here, instead of trying to get back at someone- come up with a solution! Knowing these events are running between 7-3 on average on the weekends- fish accordingly. Monday-Friday all day without hassle. Fish the afternoon into the evening on Saturdays and Sundays. Or fish in No wake areas like 100 yards from shore and in. The north end is 15mph- if someone is gunning it then by all means flick em the bird with a nice hello. But during big events, which you'll know with 150 trailers in the lot- change your approach. If you want to fish in the middle of the lake then go for it- but realize it is a SPEED ZONE and you will be at the mercy of EVERY motor powered craft..... Like it was mentioned before about dealing with it..... I can start a post on " 200 boats drifting in the middle of the lake" but I choose to just obey the law and be a bass boat driven yuppie jerk that has no respect and has no sportsmanship. Maybe I'll use 94 octane this weekend for an extra boost. BTW-
    Bass taste a little better when filleted and cooked the same day.......I tend to like the battered recipe over grilled or fried.
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    100K Bass Boats, Eating Those Little Green Fish So There's Non Left For The Bass Tournaments, 94 Octane, Yuppies, Spraying The Fishermen With That Water Weenie Coming Out Of The Back Of The Motor, Drift Fishing Makes You A Navigational Hazzard.........I'm Sorry Guys, But I Can't Stop Laughing.I'll Trade My Problems For Yours Any Day Of The Week............Mark