Jet #20

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  1. I used 4 new jet #20's this week
    and discovered 2 were atlest half full of water in the barrels
    and now it seems the water is
    trapped cannot shake it out
    and I cannot imagine it evaporating before the next 5 years are up. What's the resolution? If I drill a small hole
    and drain and fill it with some
    form of glue will it affect its
    performance aand will it happen again?

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    the water must be getting in ,when they are under stress. put some pressure on them by hand to see if the water comes out and where. then some epoxy from the leak.

  3. Submerge them in hot water and rotate them until you locate the leak. Drill a hole at the leak, drain completely, set aside in a warm place to dry the interior then seal the hole with the jet at room temperature.
  4. I'd take them back to where you bought them or contact Luhr-Jenson and get replacements.