jefferson co sheds

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  1. the wife an i took a walk this afternoon in a small strip of woods behide our house.we see deer in there all the time so 2day was the 1st time that either of us has ever gone looking 4 sheds,an we hit pay dirt found 6 all 2gather.
    we found 3 right sides(2 4pts an 1 3pt)an 1 left side 4pt that matched one of the right sides an the cream of the crop a real dark set of a 10pt 140class that we seen a few times this fall that we nicknamed coco found them about 10yrds apart.jumped about 6or7 deer an 2 rabbits,found a dead flying squirrel an a deer leg lol
    was only out about 2hrs i found 4 sheds an the wife found 2,she found the
    1st,the last an the biggest.
    the twister's
    will post pics soon
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    awesome job...looking forward to the pics

  3. Great work!...let's see those pics!
  4. The ones I posted in the Sheds So Far thread are all from jefferson county... Wierd about the flying squirrel, I had a cousin who lived behind the Pleasant Hill ballfields off 16 ridge who used to have a family of them living in his house
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    hey twister what do you do with the deers body after you cut the sheds off there heads lol I'll looks around when I'm hunting mushrooms
  6. Can't wait too see the pics. of this 10 point...Nice find you two.....JIM....:!
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    So where did you say you lived twister? LOL Great job on the finds!! Can't wait to see the pics.