jefferson co doe

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  1. well waited till 9am 4 my friends 2 call an say hey lets go 2 the farm!!!!!
    well they didn't call,didn't return my calls so i went out by myself 2 the same 240 acres that i hunted all week.
    made 2 my stand at 9:45 seen 1st deer 3 skinheads at about 75yrds running threw the woods,10:15 seen 5 running my way across a field thats about 1/4mile away,10:30 they were with in 200yrds an settling down just browsing along the old logging trail lasered the stump in the middle of the opening at 175yrds,the 1st 2 were a lot smaller than the 3 an 4 one's,so when the 4th one stepped into the opening an stopped two eat,i let her have it.she dropped like a ton of bricks:) 1st deer with my new gun the wife got me 4 christmax last yr,mossy 500 20ga slugger/nikon realtree 2x7x32 shotgunscope
    shooting sst slugs.what can i say about those slugs other than there are deadly.sighted my gun in just like the chart says 2 1/2'' high at 50=3.3in high at 100yrds=dead on at 150yrds an only 8.5''low at 200yrds.i shot metal turkeys at 150yrds at our range an a metal ram at 200yrds;) so i know that it is possable,but didn't believe it till i done it myself.

    now am not only buck hunting but i am big buck hunting:!
  2. Congrats! I shot I've got my antlerless deer and am horn hunting now. I plan to shoot 1 more Doe during muzzleloading cause I haven't shot a deer with my omega.