jeff reed. tantrum

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by sam kegg, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Any body here the story with this guy,, sounds like another roided out steeler.some of these football players are just plain cry babies
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    Yep! Busted up a towel dispenser in a public bathroom because it was empty. What a loser!!! Maybe he was just mad because he was there at the exact date and time that was posted on the wall and no one showed up as he had hoped.:D

  3. you guys must be clowns fan! always talkin shat about the team you cant beat.
  4. you call havin chics all over you lame? i call that jealousy

    FISHNASTY The Catfather

    Well apparently our place kicker is a drunk, womanizing bizzare pimp.
    I'm not sure if I'm disgusted or jealous.
  6. BigDaddy300

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    Not me!!!!!
  7. dude this has nothing to do with the browns fans, is that the only excuse you guys come up with when one of your player screws up. omg i should have figured that ..there are many players from multiple teams that have done worse so relax dont get your pantys in a bunch over something so small.
  8. Tokugawa

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    Steelers fan here -

    He wasn't on was coke.
  9. This is not surprising to us Steeler fans. He is known as our "idiot kicker". This is well behaved for him. He makes kicks, but he is a total d***** bag, and we all know it.
  10. DarbyMan

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    Steeler fan here.

    That's hilarious! I wish there was video.

    Did anyone hear the Christian Bale audio? Hysterical!!

    Love watching people make a## of themselves.
  11. well at least he didnt shoot him self in the foot, i wish there was a video on plexico... or how ever you spell that name,,,
  12. BigDaddy300

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    I believe you spell it L O S E R!!!