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Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by Bassnpro1, May 27, 2008.

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    What a debut. The Reds actually looked like a good ballclub tonight. They were playing well and having fun. Hopefully they can keep it up.
  2. Looked good tonight, I was sorta bummed that I didnt have a chance to go down and see him at the Coop this week.

  3. Got to go down and watch, was a great game. Rain held off until the 7th and only came down in drizzle. Great night for a game. Hopefully Bruce can keep it up and recharge the reds offense.
  4. Your right, I have been wanting to go down for years and just never have got around to it, my son would love it(not so sure about the wife) he will be out of school after this week might be a good way to start the summer.
  5. I couldn't think of a better way to start the summer. :D Well maybe if the trip to the Reds game was followed by camping and fishing that might be a little better.

    I didn't get to see all the game but I did get to see his last couple at bats. He looked good. Looks like he has a pretty good eye for the ball. How's his defense? Is he one of the "all around players" or is he just offensive minded like Dunn? Do we have a third baseman in the minors that we can bring up and send Edwin down? Nothing like popping out to the catcher with 1 out and bases loaded and then getting mad at your bat and beating it into the bat holder. He needs to learn to be a little more patient and look for a base hit with RISP and not going for the fences. He's trying to be a hero way to often any more.
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    Its pretty good to start your career reaching safely 8 out of your first 10 plate appearences. If only you Indians fans had someone like that.
  7. Don't worry. Given the chance we could ruin him too.:D :p
  8. Boy the kid did it again last night, sure is fun to watch, he will have to begin to tail off sometime though, I mean you cant bat 600 forever:)
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    Everytime you think he is going to come back down to earth he tops it! That walk-off HR was awesome! His average is a solid .579 now(11-19) with five walks I think. Just plain sick
  10. Went down to watch a game again and was not let down again. This guy is on fire. I was hoping that he would drop a base hit and Griffey would put #600 out to win, but seing Bruce's first was second to only that.
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    I think he is going to fill the seats for quite a while. I saw him in Dayton when he was with the Dragons. Seems like a real down to eath kind of young man. Too bad both my daughters are married.;)
  12. [QulUOTE=Bassnpro1;643413]Everytime you think he is going to come back down to earth he tops it! That walk-off HR was awesome! His average is a solid .579 now(11-19) with five walks I think. Just plain sick[/QUOTE]

    He was at it again today, the guy is no doubt in the zone, I thought Pujols was a animal when he is on, move over Albert.
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    Just have to share this...Buddies and I were fortunate enough to have DIAMOND SEATS for Saturday's win. We moved to the very front row in the 7th inning. Not only did we see Freel score, and Bobby Cox get tossed, but we saw the walk off bomb in the 10th. We even made it onto sportscenter with JB. If you can swing it, once a year diamond seats are worth every penny....
  14. Im almost scared to ask...but how much are they???
  15. Diamond seats cost like 200+ per ticket.

    I almost had a pair for 200 dollars, but the seller backed out on me. I would like to try it, but will not pay full price.
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    He only went 2-4 with a HR last night. dropped his average to .577. The bid to hit .600 might be out of reach now. haha, this kid is on a roll
  17. Thanks for the info...sounds great but a bit out of my price range.
  18. Boy Volquez is just about money in the bank isnt he??? I know that Hamilton is tearing it up for the Rangers and I hated to see him go but we didnt do bad on that trade either, he has almost turned into the stopper this year instead of Harang, will be interesting to see how Homer does today.