January channel cat

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    :) Fished the Walhonding River in several spots looking for saugeye- had 1 nice strike at a creek mouth on a chrome/blue vibe. Used 1/8 and 1/4 jigs/twisters in several colors, once I switched to orange, I got bit! Got 2 channels in the 20-21" range, snagged 3 others in the back(on jigs), including 1 that was well over 2' and fat! The catfish were just stacked there! It was an area below rapids with an eddy, approx. 7' deep. It was nice with sun out, fished for 2 1/2 hrs. in all. Good to get some fishslime in January, even tho they weren't the target species:p Anyone been hitting rivers?
  2. I've been catching trout at the Mad but some channels would be a great change,especially ones that size . I'd drop a slip sinker rig in there with some cut bait and hold on ! I bet there are some real hawgs :B in that honey hole. Let us know if you go back after them.

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    a buddy and I had a similar experience last year on the Tusc River near Newcomerstown..........he caught a bunch of really nice channels on a blade bait (lil nitro) silver with a orange back about this same time of year !!!