Jan 5 portage lakes

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  1. Ice4life and i stared out today on OSP. Not much action there. A few other guys out there too. Then we went out to T's at long lake. After talking to T for a while we checked the ice out in front of the store and it was less than 2 inches. Then we went across the street to north res and it was about the same. Then we were off to nimi and couldnt get on anyware over there because the edges were pretty broke up. So back to osp and met a few other ogfers. Then after dinner my brother and i went back to osp for a while and just got a few dinks. There were a few other guys out there tonight. It looked like the one guy crossed the channel that people were saying looked like someone took a boat through to that one big tree in the water.

    hopefully other people had better luck today. Going to go again tomorrow and see if we can get into some. Everywhere should be pretty good in the next few days.
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    MJ515........I'm glad you and IF4LIFE at least got out on the ice today......Helps keep the "BLAHHHHHHHHS" away. Also great "RUST PROOFER". Depending on the weather forcast for tomorrow....bassmastermjb and I might just be hitting OSP to keep the rust out of our systems... until things heat up every where else........Thanks for the run down on your day.....and info...... much greatly appreciated.....Hope to run into you guys tomorrow.....jON sR.

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    There were three guys and shanties on Haynes Bay near the basketball court at Nimi on Sunday afternoon. There must have been 2' of water on top of the ice.
    Nuts I tell you...
  4. Your right Lewzer...NUTS..Some guys just have to push the button...Acting stupid and being stupid are two different things...Where did they fit into the picture....SAFETY...SAFETY...SAFETY...C.L....
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  5. I came back and fished mous but you guys must have been in eating dinner. I didn't have any luck at all. There were a couple guys coming off the ice when I was getting on and they told me all they caught were dinks also.It was still fun being out though. Thnx for the help and info and good luck with your fishing.
  6. OSP Tuesday 01/06/2009 11:00 AM Report

    A handful of guys at OSP. Ice is thickening up.
  7. we found 2in at long today, same at north, c5 at nimi is 3 but the edges are still shakey. did get to check the bays off of main st today we will be out tomorrow somewhere. this weekend you will prolly be able to fish where ever you want.
  8. how bad if at all will the rain tonight hurt the ice?
  9. The edges will be bad. I'd be extremely cautious out there. that water gets pushed around and can do a number on the ice from above and below.

  10. the edges were crappy yesterday and the day before at all portage lakes except osp. north and long has 2 in. yesterday c5 had 3.