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J. Percy Priest Lake / Old Hickory Lake (TN)

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by Jitterbug, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. Has anyone ever fished either of these two lakes directly east of Nashville? If so, can someone give me an idea about the quality of fishing and what species may be notorious for these waters. I may be moving to the Nashville area and wanted to get an idea of the fishing opportunities that were very close by. Thanks for any input!
  2. no i've never fished those lakes, but they have B.A.S.S.tourny's on them. i think large mouth are the main bass on the lakes. i have a nephew that lives in hendersonville tn,a suberb of nashville. he told me about the B.A.S.S tourny's and wants me to come down and try the's lakes. i go to dale hollow every year but haven't made it to his place yet. :) :) :)

  3. smallieguy

    smallieguy Smallmouth Please

    Preist is a very good smallmouth lake, has been for years.
    doesn't get the pressure Dale Hollow does but it doesn't
    give up many 7lb+ like Dale Hollow does either.
    Tony Bean lived on Priest for years and guided they as well.
    I don't know if he still does or not but you might be able to find
    him on the net to ask him some questions.
  4. Thank you for the feedback. It all sounds pretty positive. baby bass -- The hendersonville area is very nice. I am looking at moving to the Mt. Juliet area, which is directly north of Percy Preist (and directly south of Old Hickory). I believe Old Hickory is a dammed up portion of the Cumberland River. Looks like a good place to be with the lakes around. Only problem is that I don't have a large boat to put on either of these large bodies of water. Thanks for the tip smallieguy.
  5. catking

    catking Banned

    cwcarper went to school down in Nashville ( Vanderbilt ) . Didn't fish it, but read up on it. Smallies and LM bass are there. And I do believe stripers , not hybreds, but stripers ;) Very nice looking lake. Lots of bank access and enough coves so you can fish it with a small boat......THE CATKING !!! ( you will LOVE Nashille ;) )
  6. You should try Center Hill lake also. Went down a few years ago to fish Percy but ended up fishing it once and Center Hill twice. Much better lake.