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    for a severe case I would recommend doc he can cure this in about 3 days for a hefty price, but for a minor case of the itch I would recommend Super Ivy Dry and try and keep the areas dry. This comes in a brown bottle the last time I purchaced it. I would stay away from bleach though, I had a severe case once on my feet/toes and was breaking the blisters and using the bleach method and ended up with blood poisioning somehow. This is something you do not want to get. It pays to use what is on the market!
  2. Best way to get rid of a bad case of ivy is a bath in bleach water. My brother used to get it when the wind blew the wrong way. He would get steriod's and nothing worked like the old bleach bath. Also chlorine works very good. SO if you have access to a pool that will dry it out to. Not a good as the bleach, but it works!

  3. I always end up with a case or 2 in the winter from handling my dog after he has run it and in the summer from when I am fishing or deer scouting.
    I use IVAREST and hot water. Nothing pulls the itch out of it like hot water. I start the water off warm and slowly turn the cold off. Keep the water on it as long as possible. Be careful not to use to hot of water or you can give yourself a 3rd or 2nd degree burn. I got a 2nd degree once. Ouch! After using the water, then apply the IVAREST and allow to dry. Usually goes away after a few days. I normally get it bad when I get it. Takes a while for the marks to go away. Washing the area with soap and water is a must before applying any type of lotion to the affected area. Do this process about every 4 hrs and it really helps.
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    hot water and ivarest is the same method i use. it does great. the hot water feels good on it too. jus my opinion.