iv been geting luck !!!

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  1. iv been geting luck at dover damn for channel 4 to 5 pounds each.using blue gile and chubs cut.iv been there at the spillway casting past the 2nd piller catching 3 to 5 of them a day. if any one whant to go fishing with out geting skunked try there. if u go have fun go catch a big one
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    Thanks for the great information!

  3. H2O Mellon

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    WHich Spillway are you talkign about? When I'm at the cabin again, I'm going to catch a few dozen chibs, eveyone seems to use them!
  4. Fishman

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    Gonna catch the "chibs" eh, better consult a doctor before you just run out and catch a case of the "chibs."

    Jack's rubbing off on me, lol english police.
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    heh, i was going to say something but i figured i'd let someone else take it.

    hey mellon, why don't we ever use chibs on the GMR? :D
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    You make it too easy Mellon, i was gonna get you when you first posted it, but i thought we have got you enough :D
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    Chibs are a certain type of creek Chub found in southeaster Ohio. Very hard to find normally, but are plentifull in the area our cabin is at.