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  1. Received a post card yesterday from our Lake Erie fishing guide Bud Gehring. Sure would like to get up there this year,didn't get the ice we wanted last year. His prices haven't changed since we started using him years ago and the man can flat out catch eyes! Let's hope for a good winter.
  2. Last year did not last long; but the fishing was excellent. Lets hope the weather gets cold and stays cold!!!!

  3. SWEET!!! cant wait...i'll look up the condo's we rented and get a price!! maybe joe will let me drive the ice boat this year!!:D

    and YES bud is one hellova fisherman!!
  4. I used to fish with Bud years ago, but I no longer fish with him. He is a good fisherman, and an all around good guy. The reason that I don't fish with him is that I think that Bud as well as Pat Chrystler have too large of an operation ( too many shantys) This makes it impossible for them to move if the fish move. The fish do move!!! There is always the option to go bucket fishing, and Bud will move you and your bucket. Just not your warm shanty that you rented. I know that it would not be possible for Bud to move 15 or more shantys every time the fishing slows down. This is all he would get done is moving shantys all day. So I do understand why. Bud and Pat are great guides. They just have too large of an operation to be mobile. I like to be more mobile so that is why I now fish with a guide that has fewer shantys. Thus he has the option to move if needed without being a pain. He has lived on South Bass Island all his life, and knows the lake very well. Anyone wanting info PM me and I will be glad to help you out. I also know of a nice cottage that rents for about the price of a condo or bed and breakfast but it is very private in a wooded setting. I can't wait to get on the ice......Rusty.
  5. bud does have portables also...but i do agree with you about can make or break a weekend trip...and we only can afford one a season to the islands:eek: :eek:
  6. The good old bucket fishing!
    Funny, when I was out with him, his help was the only guy out of 5 that was sitting on a bucket! :confused: AHHH the famous, missed him at the hole!! I honestly can say that was the best trip on the ice to date! Laughed so hard all day! And only managed a 4 inch perch.......good times! And YES, NO MOBILITY, could of done better alone!!!!!
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    If you want someone who is mobile this is the guy ! Only takes out max of six guys a trip usually less-- Plus he will move to put you on the fish ! Plus the ride is something you will not forget !
  8. When the fishing starts around the islands I would only suggest a guide if you have NO gear. Catawba area is always packed with people. Some walk, some ride, no matter which one there is a pretty safe path out to the fishing spots.
    You do not need $1000.00 worth of gear to fish. There are very few guides who are willing to move as much as the fish do.
  9. I have fished with Bud and he will find the fish, but as others have said you will be bucket fishing if need be. That is not a problem for me, I just wanna do some catching. I know one year we fished with Bud they must have drilled 200+ holes through some heavy ice to get us on them. When had a great time and plan on going agian this year. I have also fished with some other well know guides that never moved us and we had a less than average time. I have never fished with Brad but have heard some great things about his operation.

    I would not recommend a do it yourself trip to Put-in-Bay transportation onto the ice is unavailable without a guide and you can have to walk a LONG way dragging gear to find the fish.

    Inland, Cawtawba island lends itself more to DIY trip if you have a 4-wheeler or snowmobile. If you like to walk more power to you but sometimes the fish can be a ways out, 2-4 miles. My fat butt is not walking that far dragging my gear!! Don't get me wrong sometimes the fish are alot closer but I like having the option of moving as far as needed to get on them.
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    Dads Driven 9 to 10mi on that ice to get 6 fish its crazy but worth it :D