it's been a very bad day over there

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  1. keep our boys overseas in your thoughts. it's been a very bad day over there today...and its going to escalate quickly these next few days with the elections coming. and about that copter crash...the ch-53 had a reputation of dropping out of the sky while i served in the 80's. id flown in copters prolly 50-60 times while i was in, but whenever i stepped into a sea stallion i had an uneasy feeling (and a strange desire to kiss the ground once we landed).
  2. Thanks for the reminder discgolfer. It is easy for us to overlook what these brave men and women are doing for our country. We should all be grateful for their services. They need to get this blasted election over with and try to get on with running their own government so we can start bringing some of our own people home.:(

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    My dad served and he said the same thing about the sea stallions. We seem to lose just as many good soldiers and marines to equipment malfunctions and accidents. Those guys and girls really put it on the line over there and I, for one, am very appreciative and supportive.

    Go Army!
  4. I wish the
    " [​IMG] Bush Agenda"
    included his daughters over there then
    maybe we could count on our troops
    being home sooner then later...

    They did not have the plan to succeed
    let alone a plan to get our troops out of there...
    They thought it would be over quick enough
    but now we're paying way too much in precious blood :(

    Support out troops you bet 1000% but this
    [​IMG] war for a democratic Iraq
    I am sorry to say NEVER :mad:
    Yes I am a veteran...