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This week has been such a full one, since our opening perhaps the biggest week yet. For your enjoyment:

1.) I'm happy to introduce our new Buy/Sell/Swap boards. You can hit these at www.ohiogamefishing.com/classifieds. The old board will remain open for viewing only, and after a month we will redirect it to the new classifieds. I think you'll find the new system much easier for listing your ads. Enjoy.

2.) We also installed a new review system at www.ohiogamefishing.com/reviews .Same rules apply, but we think you'll like it very much.

3.) Photopost (photogallery) has been updated to the latest release, and great features. Check the photogallery for more.

4.) OGF webmail is finally here! signup at http://ohiogamefishing.mail.everyone.net/email/scripts/loginuser.pl

5.) Minor changes to the homepage at www.ohiogamefishing.com. User photos and reviews on the mainpage, and some links are now working, including lakemaps.

6.) Merchandise will be available week after next, please stay tuned.

Lots more behind the scenes in terms of press and advertising, watch us grow!

Thank you for being part of this site, our commitment to you is that everything you see now will continue to be free, and then some!


The OGF Team!
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