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As more and more time goes after the waterfowl season is over, I get more anxious to go out bowfishing!!! I just started last year with bowfishing but I feel like I'm quickly becoming obsessed. Last year I mainly went to Ladue and if I got 1 carp a day I would be happy. This year I am hoping to shoot some other species of fish but it doesn't seem that there are anything but common carp there at Ladue.

I would really like to shoot some gar this year. It looks like Lake Erie is decent for them and carp up near the Sandusky area. Do any of you know anything about if Fairport Harbor or anywhere around there is good for bowfishing? That is a lot closer to me than Sandusky.

I plan on going out local as soon as possible. Once it is warm enough in the next couple weeks I am going to give it a try. Do you think I will have any luck out that early?
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