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  1. Hey everone just want to say its time to get at um the whites and hybrids are out and hungry. but with the recent flooding rain it may put them off a week or two.anywho monday the 3rd i myself caught 123 whites and hybrids and in the mix were 3 true stipes.didnt matter what ya threw. just for the blank of it i caught my first 50 on a swimmin minnow.there were at times as many as 9 people fishin there i guess over 200 yards of bank i bet no less than a 1000 fish caught that afternoon
  2. Grats! But you left out the most important piece of info....Where???

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    Tell us it was an Ohio River Creek please..thats all I want to hear
  4. I'm guessing the WWD...:)
  5. i bet it was a creek mouth and i may even know wich one, but only mystic knows. was there any size to the trues?? i saw alot of really small ones last year so we may see a bunch of 12 inchers this spring
  6. was at Aberdeen on Sunday, about 50 people there and in 2 hrs only saw 1 skippie caught, trust me, it wasnt there.....water was too murky to be getting all those so it must have been up a trib where the water was clear, skips, hybrids and whites really prefer clear water as they are sight feeders ( mostly)

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    How about BIC? maybe it was there, thats always a rockin' early spot......goes back for miles too
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    Wow, sounds like a great time. I went to Reelfoot Lake in TN this week. We did ok even with the cold front, but nothing like that.
  9. yes it was an ohio trib all we need to is wait out the flooding
  10. Congrats sounds like a great day of catching ;)