Issues w/ Moraine (E.River Rd) GMR Boat Ramp

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    The GMR Almost Ate Another Trailer....

    This is getting freaking ridiculous. The GMR in Moraine almost ate another trailer.... this time it was mine. I've been fishing this stretch of river for years and thought I knew the ramp area like the back of my hand. I was wrong!

    I backed the trailer up to float the boat off and felt it go off the drop. I was screwed to put it bluntly. Of course, even in 4WD low I wasn't getting it out. Today must have been my lucky day because a guy and his wife in a small boat that were out for a flaot helped me. When I say they helped, they REALLY helped. This guy jumped in the water with me and we finally ended up using a large log (10-12 foot long) to raise the trailer up while his wife drove my vehicle and trailer out. You don't meet folks like that very often.

    There were other guys putting in this afternoon and everyone was talking about the drop off. We all tried helping each other out in one way or the other. One thing that we all agreed on, the Miami Valley Conservancy (MCD) need to do something about this. They could put a load of stone in and fix it or at least put a sign up. I know of four guys here on OGF who have had this happen to. I'm sure there is a dozen other guys out there that it's happened to that I don't know. A couple of us at the ramp were talking and someone mentioned that it would only take one person talking to an attorney to possibly start a class action lawsuit. I'd hate to see something like that happen, but I could see it happen in this lawsuit crazy world. I know the problem completely tore apart two trailers from Salmonid and Dinkbuster1.

    It would be my suggestion for people to use the lower ramp (near the damn) rather than the ramp on East River Road. (The lower ramp also have a drop off but it seems to be out farther.)

    Today everyone was talking about contacting the state ODNR, but I think it's actually its MCD who needs to be contacted. They are the ones who take care of things. Their contact info is below for those who have had problems, in case you want to make a call. I can verify that up until a year or so ago the man in charge of these areas was named Mike Dorn. I assume he's still there.

    Miami Conservancy District
    38 E. Monument Ave.
    Dayton, OH 45402
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