ISO Reese couple lock

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    Can any OFG members mind looking for this lock at Wally or TSC or anywhere they are sold. The trick is I need the key number to be LB10
  2. No problem! I'll be on the lookout for you.

    Have you contacted Reese?
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  3. Yes Reese said they are made random and can't sell me a lock with the key I want. ( I think they could but it would take a little extra work) so Iam on the Maybe something to keep me busy this winter
  4. Try contacting a qualified Lock Smith. It is amazing what those people can do.
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  5. What about the co that made the lock
  6. I checked Rural King in Butler, Pa...they just carry Master brand.

    I checked TSC in Kittanning, PA...they had 2 on the rack, but both had the keys missing...go figure!
    The clerk said there has been a rash of that at their store lately, keys missing from locks...but just the trailer locks!
    They figure crooks looking to snag a trailer from their sales lot since they use the Reese locks on them.

    I have 2 more TSC local to me, I will check them next time there...
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  7. Just a wild guess here, but I'm thinking he wants multiple locks for the same key and not more keys for the lock he already has?..

    I have 4 trailer locks and wish they were keyed alike...
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  8. YES
  9. I'm still keeping an eye out for an LB10 for ya...
  10. Found your Reese lock with LB10 keyset.
    I will message you with my contact information.