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    Escaped the floods and frozen world of Ohio for three days of flats fishing in the keys... 80 degrees, partly cloudy, a little windy. Bummer! :cool:

    Tides were a little weak, but caught Mangrove snapper (really tasty fish), several redfish (largest 19" - none in the "slot"), and more small snook than I can remember - we called 'em snook lite ;)
    Like this one...


    But with views like this all day, who can complain???


    Now I really can't wait for spring...
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    Nice job, man. You're killing me!... :) I grew up in South Florida & always love to see others from this part of the country experience that brand of fishing. It's nice to fish all day & if you don't do any good you can always catch a mess of mangroves to fry up. We fished almost exclusively backwater, but always found time to catch some snapper!
    Take it easy.

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    I am new to this site, only because I have many clients from Ohio and a few have asked me to post reports on a few sites that they frequent. I read this post and wanted to share some findings in the Islamorada area.

    Next time you go down, try Long Key Bite, just on the ocean side of the Channel 5 bridge I found a mangrove lagoon that was stacked with baby tarpon up to 15 pounds. I go down about twice a year and always have to go there and see if the fish are still around. There never fails to be nearly 100 fish just waiting for that next meal. The lagoon is only about 150 feet in diameter, so you can stake off in the middle and fish 360 degrees around the boat.
  4. Sounds like a great trip nomore3putts! I have fished the Atlantic coast of the Carolinas several times but have never gotten the opportunity to hit Florida. I hope to do that some day as well. Thanks for sharing the details.

    Glad you joined us here at OGF! I am always interested in hearing about fishing in any part of the country so keep the reports coming.:)
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    gotta like those snook. We used to target them in the winter when I lived in FL. Talk about a great tasting fish to eat too.
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    Hey I'm headed to Cudjoe late Feb, Hope to do my share of yellow tail fishing. First I'm still here in Ohio getting ready to catch some Eye's thru the ice up around SBI next weekend.