ISBA needs help w/Indiana Fishing law

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  1. The Indiana Striped Bass Association is asking for help contacting the Indiana governing body regarding changing the law about not using live shad for bait in lakes and rivers/streams that already hold gizzard and threadfin shad.
    Please follow the attached link and send an email to help our brothers in Indiana bring about this long overdue change:

    (Greg w/ISBA wrote:
    I posted the link on Seein' Stripes, with some general verbiage. Pass it on please!!!! This is something we have been working very hard on for the last several years, and we finally got our shot.

    Here is the link:

    Just fill out the blanks, and put in your comments. Here is what has been suggested.......

    I am requesting a change in the live bait fishing regulations in Indiana. More specifically, I would like to see the rule changed to allow the use of live shad as bait on all lakes and rivers where they currently exist.

    In addition, I would like to see the cast net size changed from the current 5’ radius (10’ diameter) to 10’radius (20’ diameter). This would allow for more efficient bait gathering of shad on the open water of these lakes.

    I appreciate, we appreciate your guys help on getting this stone age rule changed.

    Stay warm, and be careful,