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  2. Not too bright, even though they let it go.

    It is illegally harvesting of gamefish. Must be caught with hook and line... not hand. Looks staged, but not sure if that would wash with the Division of Wildlife folks...

  3. IMO im not sure......huh.. anyhow..

    That was so staged.... the Guy in the background cracked me up with "the 4 pack a day smokers gargle" voice...

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    agreed. definitely staged IMO.


    definately staged and i cant believe i wasted my time watching it
  6. There's no law that says you can't keep a fish you catch by hand. I know you're not going to believe this but as God is my witness this actually happened . On the maumee river 5-6 years ago my son was standing next to me and said I got a fish. I looked at him and saw his jig in his hand and laughed, told him, sure, I see your jig in your hand. He said no it's between my legs. I laughed again and said if you caught one between your legs reach down and bring it up. Sure enough he reached down fumbled a bit and pulled up about a 6# walleye with his hand. Happened right in front of a ranger. Ranger was not a plain clothesed guy fishing. Ranger saw the whole thing and never said a word. Even watched him put it on the stringer. Maybe he let my son get away with one I don't know, But I've never seen a ranger let anybody get away with anything on the maumee in the middle of the run.
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    The video does looked staged. A waste of time waiting for the video to load. As far as catching fish with your hands or noodling, it is legal in Ohio and according to this WKYC report on the Gates Mills poachers, can be done to steelhead too.
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    After high water it is very common to see fish stuck in ditches like the one in the video. Catching fish with hands I believe is legal but not positive.
  9. Of course that was staged!!! Just a couple of guys having fun goofing off. I thought it was kinda funny. Old Smokey even asked the guy what he caught it on and I think he said on a glow egg. I believe that harvesting fish in such a way would be legal anyways, but not very sporting in my book.

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    in a creek once there was a huge steelie! but he was flopping on his side. we picked him up and put him in a deep hole. hope that was legal haha.